10 spectacular photos from Betty Bayo’s daughter’s lavish birthday party that are a sight to behold


Ever since her divorce, Betty Bayo’s life has taken an interesting turn. From opening up about her battles, gradually healing her wounds, finding satisfaction in life and upgrading her lifestyle and that of her children.

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The celebrated gospel singer and TV personality has decided to spoil her children to the finer things in life, going the extra mile for her daughter as she turned a year older despite the hard economic times.

Singer Betty Bayo does the unthinkable for her daughter Sky Victor as she turns 8

Known as Sky Victor, the young beauty’s 8th birthday event was going to be a tale to forever tell, a memory forever inked in her mind and a reason to forever thank her mom for giving her the best in life.

1. A whole week affair it was going to be as the journey kicked off in the spa and beauty parlor where the dear baby girl and her friends were spoilt to high-end skin care treatment, manicure and pedicure ahead of the big day.

2. As the big day arrived, Sky Victor and her friends rocked bold ladies’ suits with her navy blue suspenders distinguishing her from the rest of her entourage.

3. They were picked up by a Range Rover limousine in a red carpet, executive affair  headed to the venue where it would all go down.

4. Betty opted for an outdoor event by the swimming pool where Sky Victor was taken for a bath just to mark the big day.

5. Soon after was the cake-cutting event where a changed Sky Victor wore a pink ballerina dance kind of dress as those invited cheered her on and adored her with sweet, loving words for the major mark in her life.

6. Finally, the cake went down and friends and family were able to spoil themselves to the sponge vanilla cake as they engaged in all sorts of activities.

The bonus, was a road-trip to Mombasa for Sky Victor, her mom and family alongside the Kabus who were the minds behind the entire 8th birthday celebration.

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