How Safaricom’s Bob Collymore Lied On KPMG Forensic Audit Report

How Safaricom’s Bob Collymore Lied On KPMG Forensic Audit Report




Pictured : Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore . Many Kenyans are saying he is now the most corrupt man in Kenya and should consider vying for a post in Kenya. 

When the Safaricom KPMG forensic audit report was leaked online, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore came out guns blazing and distanced himself and Safaricom from the report.

The hot report exposed how Senior Safaricom Managers were stealing from Safaricom in Procurement Scandals. The report revealed how tenders were awarded based on Political patronage and not merit, the Kenyan tenderpreneurship way.

For the purpose of sideshows, Bob Collymore- Who was fingered by the steamy forensic audit report claimed that he had reported the leaking of the report to CID officers and those who leaked the report would face the music.

Many Kenyans raised eyebrows looking at the manner in which Bob Collymore reacted to the report. Prominent Lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi said draft reports were the best, and it is through leaking of reports that we came to know about Panama Papers and other serious scandals. So Bob should have concentrated in fighting the evils that the report exposed and not investigating who leaked it. But how can he clean Safaricom yet he was also demanding dor 10% in any deal ?

So was the KPMG Report right even after Bob Collymore tried to dismiss it? Last week, Safaricom lowered its valuation of a five-acre piece of land it bought last year from a private equity firm, lending credence to a leaked audit report that found the transaction price to have been inflated.

Over-valuation of the land was one of the key issues that consultancy KPMG flagged in a draft internal audit report on Safaricom’s processes that also blew the whistle on other multi-million shilling tenders.

Safaricom chief financial officer John Tombleson alongside four other senior executives was named in the report as having influenced the purchase of a Sh1.15 billion five-acre piece of land at Garden City where the telecoms giant plans to build its headquarters

Tombleson was fired a few weeks ago, but Bob Collymore said it was not because of the KPMG Report, A flat Lie.

The pathetic Media was probably bribed by Bob Collymore to allege that Bob Collymore commissioned the forensic audit report, yet everybody knows he did it under the pressure of the many complaints Vodafone group received. The Reality is that Bob Collymore lied on KPMG, and he should be held accountable for his Lies.

Nobody knows how Bob Collymore learned the art of lying, but it suspected the woman he stole from a married Kenyan man might have taught him the Kenyan pathological lying tactics.

We will just sit down and watch the KPMG Forensic audit report haunt Bob Collymore and Safaricom. Remember Bob Collymore has gone to court and sued all Bloggers like Cyprian Nyakundi and Nairobi Law Monthly for exposing who he is.

The Kenyan media has been pocketed by Bob Collymore, and they can’t question anything about Safaricom because they have to protect their interests – Advertising revenue