How Bob Collymore Bribed MPs to Throw out Petition seeking to...

How Bob Collymore Bribed MPs to Throw out Petition seeking to investigate Safaricom



A few years ago, Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore was a Kenyan media darling. Many dumb Kenyans that depend on Kenyan media for news believed Bob Was the real deal, Little di they know. In fact, Kenyans never knew this man was the most corrupt in the world.

Apart from Stealing a Kenyan married man’s wife, Bob Collymore has been embroiled in scandals some threatening to down Safaricom Limited. Despite all these issues, Vodafone group has refused to act and hold him into account.

This has contradicted Vodafone’s anti-corruption rhetoric. Vodafone group is known to say one thing and do exactly the opposite. Apart from ignoring their customer’s complaints, Vodafone group has been silent amid corruption allegations that have been widely reported against their company Safaricom.

After bribing the corrupt Kenyan media not to highlight anything about a petition that sought to investigate Safaricom, the next challenge was to bribe Kenyan MPs and stop them from compelling Capital Markets Authority, Nairobi Stocks Exchange and EACC to investigate Safaricom.

Using their Financial might, Safaricom has managed to lobby and Kill a
A petition that would have set an example to other corrupt corporates out there that you can’t engage in corruption and walk the moral high ground as if you are Angel Gabriel, the only Angel mentioned in the Bible.

Mr. Ngugi petition to parliament noted that Safaricom is a signatory of the Kenya Business Code of Ethics, a corporate sustainability initiative enforced through the Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) and the Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM). CEO Bob Collymore is noted as being the signatory of the charter on behalf of Safaricom, and his links to President Uhuru Kenyatta as his point man in the fight against corruption, plus his public declaration of wealth was also highlighted.
Mr. Ngugi petition cited an audit report by KPMG 2013-2015 which unearthed numerous discrepancies, fraudulent transactions, massive corruption and governance malpractices in Kenya’s largest company.

Ngugi cited Safaricom’s contravention of its own procurement policy as enshrined in their Policies and Procedural manual that is selectively applied to favor senior staff who collude with companies to deny worthy Kenyans tenders.

The petitioner also noted that the issues raised in the KPMG audit report may never get prominence in local media, as the company has been able to coerce basically all sectors of society using its financial muscle and advertising might to suppress any negative publicity. Recent revelations have also revealed that Safaricom has infiltrated the courts to secure favourable rulings, the petitioner added.

Mr. Ngugi also petitioned parliament to compel the Capital Markets Authority (CMA) headed by Francis Muthaura’s son, the toothless Nairobi Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission boss Halakhe Waqo to act.

On focus were two suspicious land transactions, which KPMG deemed fishy. The selling company was Ruaraka Diversified Investments Limited (RDIL) where two fraudulent lease agreements were executed by CEO Bob Collymore and Nicolas Nicolas Nganga on behalf of Safaricom. Martin Gikunda represented RDIL.

Safaricom did not provide its external auditors KPMG any proof of price negotiations when they settled on leasing land at Kshs. 230 Million per acre yet there were other offers of between 100 to 200 Million, way lower than what Safaricom eventually paid.

In his Letter to Ngugi, done Two days ago, Speaker Justin Muturi noted that the petitioner never followed any procedure despite the petitioner asking parliament to compel NSE, EACC, and CMA to act because they have been reluctant.

Our sources have confirmed that there was intense lobbying that saw all MPS bribed to kick out the petition. Kenyan MPs are the most corrupt despite earning more than their counterparts in developed nations.

This is daylight extortion by our Members of Parliament that have refused to serve the people and have perfected their art of extortion. It must be understood that the MPs also extorted Betting companies to shoot down a Bill that would have seen the probing and oversight on betting companies that are duping Kenyans by making betting look like an economic activity.

The MPs will be remembered as the biggest fools Kenya has ever had, people who chose bribed instead of stopping Safaricom and Bob Collymore’s Looting and corrupt tendencies.