Bandit Economy : Criminal TARDA MD Steven Githaiga Still in office...

Bandit Economy : Criminal TARDA MD Steven Githaiga Still in office after changing his name and Age



Image : TARDA MD who happens to be a class 8 Drop Out . No wonder he operates with impunity. 

Run by Cartels and nurtured by the culture of impunity, Kenya is indeed a bandit economy as claimed by former CJ Willy Mutunga. From the media to private entities, we are living in a rotten society, and it is only God that will save us.

Kenyans messed up the day they voted for an alcoholic and useless pathological liar who also happens to be the Son Of Jomo who created land problems by grabbing large tracts of land yet he used a small piece of land when he died. The Jubilee losers prefer seducing each other instead of working and changing the country.

That is how pathetic the Jubilee system is that Sports Cabinet Hassan Wario is yet to be fired for historical incompetence. Maybe Uhuru is busy enjoying blue label to the extent of not knowing who is working or not delivering in his government.

Consider the case of TARDA MD Steven Githaiga, who openly changed his name to remain in public employment after attaining the mandatory retirement age.

Mr. Steve Ruimuku was initially employed at TARDA as Stephen Maina Githaiga but later changed his name to Steven Githaiga Ruimuku. This anomaly was first discovered by Auditor General Edward Ouko in his account on the authority for 2013/2014 financial year. He was then 62 years and should have retired in 2008.

He threw away or perhaps burnt his old passport and ID and obtained a new ID and Passport but forgot to change his place of birth, names of his father and mother and his fingerprints.

This information is readily available at the office of the Registrar of Persons.

In the process, Mr. Steven Githaiga Ruimuku the fraudster has defrauded the Government Kshs. 10 million in salaries and allowances for the five years as MD.

He also employed 31 people without the consent and authority of the Board of directors and paid them over ksh12 million, including his wife, brother, new wife’s brothers and other relatives and friends.
Despite all the mountains of evidence, Githaiga walks a free man saying nothing can be done to him because he has connections at EACC.

Further to that, Githaiga has been conning the government millions with impunity. All institutions supposed to act are mute because they are busy seducing each other and polluting office air .