Vimal Shah : Glorified piece of shit in Kenya’s corporate world.

Vimal Shah : Glorified piece of shit in Kenya’s corporate world.



For a long time, much has been said about industrialist Vimal Shah and his Bidco Company .Vimal Shah has preferred remaining silent in the midst of all these serious accusations that have rocked his company BIDCO and his Tyrant Legacy.

First of all, we would like to clarify that we don’t hate Vimal Shah and all that will be said is true, backed up accusations and issues that can be verified by anybody who wants to know the truth.

We would like to recognize the efforts being made by drunkard and Jubilee Dick Rider Oliver Mathenge in sanitizing Vimal Shah. Oliver Mathenge is that dumb that he spent the whole of last week dismissing claims that Vimal Shah evades taxes, Has grabbed land and is a ruthless employer despite mountains of evidence proving the same. Seems like Oliver Mathenge became a madman after he was dumped by media whore Jacque Maribe the scraps Dennis Itumbi later inherited.

There are many cases Vimal shah has lost in Kenyan courts. Many of those cases pertain poor working conditions, death in Bidco stores and unfair sackings. Vimal has also been accused of grabbing Poor Ugandans Land and evidence is all over . Search online and you will see articles from reputable newspapers like the Guardian, Huffington Post and various NGO’s asking questions about Vimal Shah’s Impunity. It is Laughable that a drunkard and Jubilee Dickrider like Oliver Mathenge can defend such a man.

Back to Vimal Shah. In the Moi Era, almost all big business boomed due to political patronage and culture of Impunity. In fact there is no genuine business in Kenya and that is why big crooks like Jimnah Mbaru became Rich. The Sponsor of Sponsors Chris Kirubi used political patronage to down Kanatco and Uchumi . Why such idiots are free men and not in Kamiti has remained a mystery.

During the Moi Era, Bidco evaded Taxes amounting to  5.2 Billion Kenyan Shillings in a nutshell.There are records proving the same , these are not imaginations.  This is the period that Vimal Shah operated with impunity because he was close to Moi. He had immense political patronage, something that he seems to be whining as we see regime change.

A few years ago, Kenyans knew the likes of Vimal and Chris Kirubi as the best brains Kenya has ever had till social media came and started controlling the narrative. The Brown envelope Journalists like Terryanne Chebet and Wallace Control, that we have exposed severally as the most corrupt journalists in Kenya lost their credibility amongst Kenyans. That is the power of social media folks.

Corrupt and serial tax evaders like Vimal Shah could bribe these corrupt journalists to appear as top brains but this was short lived. Nowadays, Kenyans on social media ask big questions hence challenging the status Quo.

And by the way, We haven’t forgotten how Vimal Shah Grabbed Land from poor Ugandans, We won’t start analyzing this because numerous media platforms have exposed Vimal and Bidco. you Just need to search online and see for yourself because we don’t want to sound like a broken record repeating what has been said elsewhere.

As the Kenyan Digest team, we have decided to serialize Vimal Shah’s crimes for Kenyans to read for themselves and know the man for who he is. You will be shocked to realize that he is inhuman and what the media shows you if Crap! We will attach evidence to everything to challenge the basic minds that dismiss everything with statements like ” This is propaganda aimed at tarnishing ”

Our Campaign has now gone live and we will start with #TheRosslynAffair .We will narrate how Vimal Shah grabbed his neighbors piece of land and tried to use courts to silence and finish his neighbor all to no avail.

We have followed the case from the year 2000  up to now. The downfall of Vimal Shah has just begun and it will be loud, with a big thud.

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