#TheRosslynAffair: How Vimal Shah’s Bid to Grab a Plot Failed.

#TheRosslynAffair: How Vimal Shah’s Bid to Grab a Plot Failed.


Image: White Collar Criminal . He tried to grab a neighbor’s piece of land but lost it when they rushed to court . A white Collar criminal indeed. 

We have always said that Vimal Shah is a criminal that pays media operatives to look like a philanthropist, but many have said it was mere smearing. In Kenya, you can bribe brown envelope Journalists to praise you using their media platforms and dumb Kenyans will believe everything as the gospel truth.

That is why the corrupt media has been accepting bribes from Bob Collymore to feature him as the best brains, yet we know he is the evilest man East of Sahara, south of Limpopo.

The Rosslyn Affair is a sad case that has exposed how Vimal Shah abuses the court processes to advance his grabbing Tendencies. Just like the thousands of acres of land Vimal Shah Grabbed from Ugandans, this corporate criminal tried to grab a plot of land from Rosslyn developments, and the matter ended up in court.

According to court papers, Vimal Shah bought land LR. NO. 77/88/36 ( Plot 36 ) Which was sold and transferred to M/s Bidco oil refineries Ltd on 5th February 1995.

This is what that happened. Vimal Shah bought land from neighbors. Within his land, there was a fence, and he assumed his land stretched to the fence was also his. So he started building a wall prompting a reaction from Rosslyn developments that was managing the estate that was transferred to them by the colonial government in 1952.

Vimal wrote a letter to Rosslyn developments asking them to sell the piece of land, but Rosslyn Development wrote back explaining to the corporate criminal that they had no powers to sell the property. The corporate criminal lied that he would stop building the wall, something he ignored.

After many efforts to stop Vimal from building the wall failed, they went to court. You see Vimal was insisting that the fence that was from his piece of land meant he also owned that land ” Sic ”. The land had been sold to Vimal by a Mr. and Mrs. Stame who told the court that they never sold the land to Vimal Shah.

Court noted ” whereas there was a fence consisting of random and broken wire and sisal plants and trees extending from L.R. No. 7788/36 towards the disputed portion of land, nonetheless he did not at any time occupy the said portion of land nor did he consider the portion as part of his property as he always knew that the portion belonged to the defendant, who were his neighbour.

Court further Noted ” THAT at the time we bought the land from the Administrator of the Estate of Sardavllal Ganpartrai Kohli the said portion of land was not given to us as part of our property. Similarly, at the time we sold the land to Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd., we did not represent the same to be part of the property and nor was any consideration taken of it in the negotiation leading to the transfer.


Court further noted, ” on their part; they have never claimed entitlement nor considered themselves entitled to the disputed portion of property L.R. No. 7788/21/R as is claimed by Bidco Oil Refineries Ltd. and they deny that they told Bidco that the portion was part of their property.”

In a layman’s language, a neighbor sells a person land, and when that person moves in, he starts building a fence around your land because there was a natural fence there. He claims that your neighbor sold him the land yet there is no agreement proving that. This is what Bidco tried to do.

After Vimal had lost the case, he used his dirty money and went to appeal court to challenge the ruling, but this is what the appeal court under Judge Bosire, Judge PN Waki and Judge J Onyango had to say

” We have carefully considered the appeal and the submissions of both counsels. We cannot, firstly, accept for one moment the submission by Mr. Billing that the Stames merely denied ownership of the disputed plot and not the occupation of it. That is a plain perversion of Mr. Stame’s affidavit which is reproduced above. Mr. Stame did, in paragraph 6 to 9 of the affidavit expressly state that there was no physical occupation of the disputed portion by him or the previous owner of plot 36, and further denied any representation to the appellant that the portion was part of the property sold to them. There was no response to those averments on oath or any affidavit from the previous owners of plot 36 since 1968.

” It was also open to the parties to seek cross-examination of any of the deponents of the various affidavits filed in the matter but, as stated above, the parties chose to have the issues determined on the basis of the documents on record.

We think, in the circumstances, that the learned Judge was at liberty to believe one version or the other and the version that was believable was Mr. Stame’s. That is because it was buttressed by the written agreement between the parties, the transfer documents, and the land survey records or “deed plan”, all of which are unchallenged. ”

Vimal was ordered to bring down the wall according to court documents that we have attached below but has refused to do so.
That Vimal had to fight Rosslyn developments for more than 10 years over a plot of land, that he knew was not his exposes a man full of impunity.

This is why we have been questioning why Vimal is a media darling despite him being a white collar Criminal .

Why haven’t you pulled down the Wall Mr. Vimal ? Why are you a white Collar criminal ?