KAZI NI KAZI! Meet The Graduates Who Cook The Sweetest Chapos In...

KAZI NI KAZI! Meet The Graduates Who Cook The Sweetest Chapos In Kayole


In today’s world, the youth want instant fame, riches and love. But that will never happen. You have to work hard to receive any of those perks that come with success.

Four young strapping lads with papers – fully qualified for the white collar job market – have decided to create job opportunities for themselves in this harsh economic times. The four have a kibanda in Kayole where they cook the sweetest chapos.

A Facebooker called Omeno Thomas, the founder and CEO of Muhoroni Youth Foundation, shed some light on who these hardworking men are.

“THERE are four young men cooking chapatis daily somewhere in Kayole. I am a lover of chapos and therefore their potential client. They know whenever I am around I will not go without taking a bite of their delicious chapos and supporting their business.
TODAY was a drizzling Sunday especially during the morning hours. For that matter, I spent more time taking shelter in their Kibanda stationed in a matatu stage. I couldn’t resist the temptation to eat more chapos (Hehe Chapo lovers),” Omeno said.

“I found this an opportunity to interact and get to know more about these fellow young men
UNBELIEVABLY, , 23 holds (BSc. Zoology) degree from UoN.
They’ve been cooking chapatis for 6 years now. It all started as a part time thing when some of them were still learning. They have 4 jikos and each has a daily target of 250 chapatis to cook. They say each surpass their daily target with atleast 12 chapatis. Simple maths, these young men make a hopping Kshs. 10,000 to the lowest daily given they charge Kshs. 10/ a chapo).
As at August, 2016, they owned a 2-acre piece of land in Lang’ata, Two 50 seater matatu with Forward Travellers generating money daily, 3 apartments , 2 in Githurai 45 in the outcasts of Mwihoko and 1 in Kayole (All occupied with tenants),” He Wrote.

Omeno continued, “Asked what’s their motivation. 1. God. Staying faithful to God. 2. Sufferings. They’ve suffered a lot and it has strengthen them, some are former chokoras from Nairobi’s CBD. 3. Their bank has been a reliable bank for them in terms of loans.
Amazing how God has uplifted the lives of these young men.”