Edith Kimani And Patricia Kihoro: Lipstick Lesbian Moment Led To Lifelong Friendship...

Edith Kimani And Patricia Kihoro: Lipstick Lesbian Moment Led To Lifelong Friendship (PHOTOS)

Edith Kimani

Studies have found that couples that fart infront of each other have a better chance at having a happy, long lasting union.

Why is this important you ask? We shall get to that in but a moment.

We all have close friends. And the truth about our interactions with them is that the amount of time we’ve known them usually isn’t a factor that impacts how close we are. You can know someone all your life and end up strangers. Inversely, you can meet someone today who will be your friend for the rest of your life.

Something to do with our energies.

That is probably a fact Edith Kimani is familiar with given the dedication she just posted online about her friendship with Patricia Kihoro. A dedication that in truth was alittle kemp.



Uhm… That means alittle lipstick lesbian.

According to her, they owe their friendship to a cuddle…


I knew @misskihoro and I would be friends forever when I woke up next to her after a night out – cuddling of course ????????- and she didn’t judge me for farting in my sleep. ????????‍♀️( I sneaked a few ones when I got up ????????????????‍♀️ She’s the type of person who is unconditionally herself; and allows and gives room for her friends to be too. ???????? I love you Miss K. ???????? Happy birthday my love.???????????????? To more cuddling and rainbow farts