“I am feeling my death is soon approaching” Popular actress predicts she...

“I am feeling my death is soon approaching” Popular actress predicts she will die in 2017

“I am feeling my death is soon approaching” Popular actress predicts she will die in 2017


She is currently doing whatever her heart pleases because she feels her death is soon approaching and she can’t do anything to stop it.

From the chilling message she wrote on social media on the last day of 2016, one could easily tell she is contemplating suicide or she has completely given up on life.

Popular Tanzanian actress, Wastara Juma Issa, says her woes began in 2011 when her husband, Sajuki Juma, passed on. She explained that she has never been happy for the past five years ever since her husband died.

Wastara also revealed she was ailing even though she didn’t want people to know; she says she’s feeling the same way her husband felt before he breathed his last breath.

Below is the message she wrote:

 “I’d start by thanking God for gifting me with life up to this juncture. It is five years and six months now since my happiness was taken away.

God gave me a man who made me happy. I had everything in him. Sadly, my happiness was short-lived beginning June 2011 when Sajuki fell ill. I did not get relief; to date 31-12-2016 I have never been happy.  I have tried looking for happiness in different places, but there’s no one or nowhere have I managed to get it.

Another person living in an environment similar to mine would find it really hard to even comb his or her hair. When my husband was ailing and suffering, he told me: ‘My wife, I am feeling weak. Nonetheless, I don’t like to see you dirty and kindly don’t bar me from going anywhere I’d want to because I will die anytime soon. Let’s use the remaining time to do whatever our hearts desire’.


Currently, I am feeling the same way he felt before dying. I am feeling my death is soon approaching. I do whatever my heart pleases. When it tells me to go to the beach, I would go, when it tells me to go to the disco, I would go, when it tells me to go and pray in the mosque overnight, I would go. I don’t want to be predictable; neither do I want people to know that I am ailing. I fake happiness, even if it is not there.

To all those who are finding it hard to understand me and end up insulting me, kindly let me be. I don’t do anything to hurt or cause disgust to anyone. I need peace.

My heart bleeds every day. I wish to do anything to have peace, but nothing is falling in place. There’s nothing as bad as losing hope and happiness in life. It makes you lead an isolated life.

I have said all these for you to understand the person that I am. Whenever you say negative things about me, you come across as someone who is so eager to send me to my grave.

My leaders, friends, relatives, fellow artists and fans kindly pray for me to regain happiness in 2017. Pray that my heart finds peace, pray that all my pains end, pray that I get healed.

May 2017 bring happiness to me.”