Is Ory Okolloh a National Intelligence Service Informant Planted on Twitter...

Is Ory Okolloh a National Intelligence Service Informant Planted on Twitter by Government?



Caption : Ory Okolloh with Socialite Lawyer Donald Kipkorir. You are a Friend to Kipkorir either for Dirty Deals or Lungula . Nothing else! 

Various Governments use different tactics to collect information and crackdown on dissents. In the East African Region, Kenya Tops in intelligence collection and spying.

Techie and Social Media user Ory Okolloh’s stand pertaining Corruption and Impunity in Jubilee has always been questioned by various social media users who have accused her of being a double agent and eating with the looting Jubilee Luminary while acting like an activist who is with the people.

As we head toward 2017 elections, Social Media will play a crucial role, and both Government and the opposition understand the power of social media in this era.

According to the state of the internet report that was released a few weeks ago, Kenya has 10 million WhatsApp users, 5.2 Million Facebook Users, and 3.2 Million Twitter users. But Twitter has the intellectual audience, and it is easier to influence something using Twitter because many decision makers are on the platform. The report noted that there are 1.5 Million active Daily users on Twitter.

That said, Reports that Ory Okolloh is an NIS agent cannot be wished away because some Twitter users are on the Payroll of government to sell crucial information to National Intelligence Service to enable them to crack down on dissents and social media users perceived to be anti-Government.

For instance, National Intelligence Service might have bribed Ory Okolloh to engage in a subliminal campaign preaching about internet blockade as we head toward election period. It is a tricky tactic that simple minds can’t comprehend. The tactic is aimed at spreading fear and lowering Kenyans morale.

Instead of Ory Okolloh responding to some of these questions, she blocks Users. Twitter User and Analyst Asamo was blocked after asking some of these things. Maybe Ory doesn’t argue with people who never went to Havard …

Credible Reports have also confirmed that the government is financing other bloggers like @ColdTusker, @RoomThinker, and others to sell their policies online through subliminal campaigns. The Government has realized that Kenyans no longer take people like Dennis Itumbi serious.

So before you Give any information/leak to Ory Okolloh, Think Twice because it may reach the NIS and you will be a marked person or person of interest.