Notorious and Corrupt Telecommunication Firm Safaricom to be sued.

Notorious and Corrupt Telecommunication Firm Safaricom to be sued.



Caption: The demand Letter done to Safaricom demanding for a reversal of monies sent to the wrong number. Many Kenyans lose billions sent to wrong numbers with little help from Safaricom who usually ask the Victims to report to the nearest police station . 

Notorious and corrupt telecommunication Firm Safaricom will be sued again. In a letter written to Safaricom by the Customer through Amos K Songok advocates, the Disgruntled customer is demanding for a reversal of Ksh 2,000 made on 3rd January 2017.

The Safaricom customer notes that he made a payment of 2000 Shillings which went to the wrong till number. He further notes in the demand letter that he was assured that the reversal was to be done in 72 hours, something that never happened.

A Safaricom representative then told the Customer that they were still on the matter as they were seeking consent from the owner of the wrong till number to reverse the monies.

The Customer has given Safaricom 3 days to respond to the demand letter and reverse the monies lest he proceeds to court to seek Justice.

He notes that he was planning to invest the monies in the SportPesa Jackpot and expected to get a substantial amount that he will be asking the court to factor in as damages.

This case now makes up a litany of challenges Safaricom faces as they operate in Kenya. A Few weeks ago, Blogger Cyprian Nyakundi wrote a Letter to Vodafone complaining about Impunity and corruption at Safaricom.

Safaricom was also forced to refund Kenyans Billions after they were busted colluding with third parties to steal Billions in airtime. A KPMG Forensic audit commissioned by Vodafone also exposed a lot of Rot and managerial hubris at Safaricom.


Caption : Safaricom CEO Bob Collymore. He is accused of blocking reforms at Safaricom and awards tenders to his friends at a commission                                                                                                                                                                
Many people say that Safaricom is facing all these challenges because Bob Collymore’s Leadership is not the best. In the KPMG Report, Bob Collymore was directly linked to Tender Scandals where he was accused of influencing tenders to his friends at a comission .