7 types of men no Kenyan woman wants to date/marry- List


Women can be picky when it comes to matters love and relationships. But what is that one thing that puts off a woman from a man she was interested in?

Below are types of men no woman wants to date.

1. A verbally abusive man

Women rarely forget things you say to them whether good or bad.

When a man is abusive it puts a woman off because every time they try to get kinky with him all the words he called her come back in a flash.

2. A sloppy kisser

A sloppy kisser is a turn off for any woman. Who wants to end up swallowing a gallon of saliva in the name of kissing?

If you are not a good kisser stick to what you know best ingine achia magwiji.

3. Stingy men

Trust a Kenyan woman to dump you because you are broke. Life is hard as it is and they have no time for broke men.

There are good women out there but kupatana nao ni ngumu.

4. Men who don’t know when a woman orgasms

There is nothing as annoying to a woman than a man who keeps asking ‘Babe umekam?” nikam twende wapi?

If you were doing your job the way you should the result would be very obvious. So if you want to know if I have orgasmed or not just do your job majibu itajileta baadaye.

In this time and age if you don’t know how to identify a woman who has reached sexual climax chukua virago urudi ushago.

5. A 1 minute man

Let no woman lie to you that they are OK with you being a 1 minute man. Hata jiko huwaka na zaidi ya dakika moja.

Instead of drowning tones of beer how about you eat some mukombero and boost that libido ASAP.

6. A dirty man

We have all heard mwanaume ni jasho but bruuh cleanliness is very important. Most women can’t handle dirty men.

There are also dirty women, but not as many as men.

So in-case you are trying to woo a woman just keep things tidy.

7. Loud men

We have at some point interacted or dated men who are so loud it’s just tiring listening to them.

These are the type of men who will cause fracas in clubs, packing lots and even shout at waiters.

Most ladies can’t stand dating such men. So incase she dumped you just think hard about what it is you might have said to a waiter or the watchman in a moment of anger.

What is the silliest reason that has ever made you dump a man?

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