A KDF soldier pens down an emotional letter after being dumped with her hubby


Finally I give up, am single again?????????? to put an end to the rumours, and those who speak ill about my life, you must know that my relationship was very difficult, so today to avoid gossip, I inform you that we no longer together, several times I felt very good, I had a lot of fun, I cannot deny that I really liked it and I was very happy, but I didn’t realise what evil I was doing to myself, I finally decided to leave that unhealthy relationship, I decided to take another route, but am not going to deny that we will continue to see each other, for me to move on to other things and end this evil in my life, Today I end my relationship with sugar, fries, pizza, softdrinks, alcohol, chocolate, cake, vetkoeks and other unhealthy food……


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By Kenyan Digest

The Kenyan Digest Team