A Rare Moment, Hon Moses Kuria Talks Sense Over Maize Cartels and Gender Bill


By J Kilasi

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria is not my cup of tea but yester-night he raised two fundamental points which made me believe that the guy has a working brain after all.

One, maize farmers (read Kalenjins) should stop this nonsense of demanding preset prices for their corn from the government.

The government did not enter in to any contract with the said farmers to plant maize.

In Kalamba Plateau, every year we have mango glut and whenever the prices are very low or no one buys them, we eat, eat, eat and eat until our skins turn orange or we start smelling like a Delmonte factory pulp crushing machine.

Two, the Gender Bill is horse manure. Let women fight for political space with men equally. After all, they are the majority voters.

They can vote in their fellow women to satisfy the gender threshold in the constitution.

It is not hard though.

The same convincing power they use to upstage their fellow women by grabbing their boyfriends who eventually end up marrying them is proof enough that women are empowered and have more political muscle than men wakiamua.

By the way, what is blue economy?


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