Beta Healthcare blames “promiscuous man” in condom burst case

Beta Healthcare have zoomed in on the character traits of the man who sued the condom manufacturer, calling him an untrustworthy infidel, in an offensive which seeks to push the blame away from the pharmaceutical and lay it squarely on the laps of the accuser.

In a case dating back to July when it was first reported, Beta Healthcare blame Williamson Nyakweba for careless promiscuity and probable manipulation as a consequence of the woes that have afflicted the man who took the international pharmaceutical firm to court.

Mr. Nyakweba has sued the makers of Zoom condoms over what he terms inauthentic product which burst during one of his sexual escapades, infecting him with a sexually transimtted infection (STI).

This, according to Mr. Nyakweba, led to a flurry of misfortunes starting with the subsequent infection of his wife with the STI, the collapse of his marriage, supposed depression, alcoholism and the losing of his job.

Mr. Nyakweba thus blames Beta Healthcare and the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) for his situation, and has taken them to court.

In media reports, Beta Healthcare has responded in court by saying that Mr. Nyakweba must prove his allegations by producing all the women he slept with as witnesses.


At the same time, the Zoom condom manufacturer is pointing at Mr. Nyakweba’s infidelity as an untrustworthy trait, saying the court should not believe him as it is possible he took off the condoms “for the sole purpose of quenching his savage sexual thirst.”

An affidavit sworn on behalf of the pharmaceutical company also paints Mr. Nyakweba’s statements as contradictory as he claims Zoom condoms are his favourite brand, yet goes to call them substandard.

Beta Healthcare also told the court that the complainant may have failed to use the condoms in a proper way, and this was not the company’s responsibility if it led to his STI.

The case will be heard again in 2019, on April 3.


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