“Calm your ti*ies down!” Anerlisa Mungai shouts at fans who give her advice


Gorgeous entrepreneur Anerlisa Mungai, most times maintains a calm demeanor.

However there is always that one fan who upsets celebrities. Anerlisa took her rage and anger to her Instagram with a few points she wanted to put across.

She goes ahead to address people she insists have no right to give her Ideas. She states she is not friends with anyone who has no direct contact to her, nor those who don’t know where she lives or what she eats. As a matter of fact she was addressing those who have no idea about her life.


“Listen and listen carefully!! If you don’t have my direct number, you have no idea where I live, you have  no idea what time I wake up and eat what eat. I have never called you to ask for any ideas, you clearly have no idea about my life and we are NOT FRIENDS!!! (You get that???) WE ARE NOT FRIENDS!!!!”

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She continues warning people not to slide in her DM to give her cheap sh*tty advice about her life and who should be in it.

“So don’t think you have the right to slide into my dm and give me cheap shi**y advice about my life and who should be in it. NOBODY and I MEAN NOBODY knows my life at this stage. What I post on social media is all controlled, I exactly know what I want to post and exactly how I want you to react. So calm your ti*ies down and mind your business.””

Below is a screenshot of her text.


By Kenyan Digest

The Kenyan Digest Team