Cardi B Challenges husband Offset to a rap battle and declares terms for the looser


Game On! Cardi B Vs. Offset.

Cardi B, took to her Instagram account to challenge Offset in a rap battle, in her post she noted that there were terms of the challenge.

She said, that the loser will be required to fund all the holiday decorations this year for all their homes.

“Whoever loses gotta buy all the Christmas decorations, all of them,” Cardi said. “The [house] in New York, the one in Atlanta, too. What’s up? Are you scared? Of wifey, hmm?


Offset, Cardi B
Offset, Cardi B

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Offsets seems to be game, as hours later he took to his Instagram Story where he accepted his wife’s challenge, writing;

“You’re on, baby,”I accept your challenge on the TikTok app. Let’s rap it up. Let’s go.”

The rap battle, will be live-streamed through the TikTok broadcasting app on Thursday Nov. 29.

Below is Cardi B’s video;



By Kenyan Digest

The Kenyan Digest Team