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Cute video of Khaligraph’s little daughter innocently jamming to his new song melts fans’ hearts





I don’t know about you but I have this strong feeling that Khaligraph’s dotting daughter is a spoilt daddy’s girl. I’d highly doubt she would pick her mom over her dad any day as long as he’s in the house but only the rapper can tell us more.

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Khaligraph and his daughter, Amina Jones Ouko have been best buddies ever since she came to light. Sometimes forced to shoot a music video carrying her in his arms because she just doesn’t understand that daddy’s gotta hustle. A move if anything, has created a bond between the rapper and his fans who appreciate the fact that despite his celebrity status, family will always come first.

Cute daddy-daughter moments of Khaligraph Jones with daughter Amina Jones Ouko

I kid you not though, when the light-skin cute babygirl is in her daddy’s arms, nothing scares her, she actually goes very silent, something I’m not sure is a common characteristic among the dads.

A good example is this shoot right here;

And having been schooled on the nitty gritties of music production and all it entails, the young girl has shown a promising future in music.



This is after recently getting spotted jamming to her dad’s recent hits Yes Bana and Tuma Kitu. The kid knows when to nod, when to clap those hands and when to keep it silent.

A cute video that has melted the hearts of his fans, too young to even understand what her dad sings to or even what he does for a living but she has proven all odds wrong. In fact, she enjoys seeing her dad on the big screen and when she is around her dad, home is at peace.

It’s so adorable, have a look and be the judge; Don’t forget to swipe left.

As a section were left ribs cracking, others could not help but adore the sight to behold.

She claps with that O.G power❤




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