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Fitness: Stretches for tight hips





Fitness By

Nina Odongo

Tight hips result from tension in the hip flexors, which are muscles that connect your upper thigh to your hip and help you bend at the waist or raise your leg.

Many people who live a sedentary life have tight hips, but even fit, active people can have tight hips. Hip, knee and back pain are often caused by tight hips so it is important to stretch them regularly to prevent this.

1. Butterfly stretch

Sit on your bum and draw your feet in towards your body, with the soles of your feet touching. Keeping your back upright, gently and with control, move your knees up and down to mimic a butterfly flapping its wings. Hold for two minutes.


2. Pigeon stretch

Start in a kneeling lunge. Drop your left knee so the entire outer side of your leg is resting on the mat. As you lower your upper body down, straighten out your right foot behind you, sole facing upward. The aim is to lower yourself until your right hip touches your left knee. Hold for two minutes each side.

3. Low lunge

Start in a kneeling lunge and place your hands on the inside of your upright leg. Lower yourself until your forearms are resting on the ground comfortably. Hold for two minutes each side.

4. Squatting prayer pose

Start in a wide stance with toes pointing out then lower your bum towards the ground into a low squat. Once there, use your elbows to push your knees wider apart, clasping your palms together in a prayer position.


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