Has Raila ‘hired’ Jubilee blogger and fierce critic Pauline Njoroge?


Has AU High Representative for Infrastructure Raila Odinga hired Jubilee blogger Pauline Njoroge?

This is the question many Kenyans asked after photo of the two attending a meeting in Zimbabwe emerged on Monday.

Pauline constantly found herself in the wrong side of ODM fans during the 2017 general elections.

She was reportedly one of the infamous 36 bloggers who spinned social media campaigns for President Uhuru Kenyatta’s second term bid. 

But on Sunday, she accompanied Raila to the Infrastructure Development in Africa forum in Zimbabwe.

The meeting is Raila’s second continental job since his appointment as AU’s High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa.

He attended the 35th Extraordinary Session of the African Union with Uhuru on November 17. 

Pauline tweeted Raila’s remarks at the meeting as the AU envoy addressed challenges Africans face while traveling within the continent.

Raila said clearances from civil aviation authorities take too much time hence discouraging people from flying.

He also noted that in some situations, one has to fly outside Africa first, to connect to another African destination.

“These processes belong to Stone Age and they impede the continent’s efforts towards effectively tapping its huge potential, a market of over 2 billion people,” Pauline tweeted.

“We need free skies across the continent to enhance trade within.” Pauline, in a tweet, said her travel with Raila to Zimbabwe was “in the spirit of the handshake and Africa’s integration.”

The Nasa principal is expected to return today (Monday). 

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