Here are the most expensive schools in Kenya


Kenya over the years has had an increase in learning institutions and with this development, many institutions have come up. Some of these institutions have become some of the most expensive institutions not only in Kenya but in Africa with the elite in society being the ones who are able to afford to take their children to these institutions.

1.International School of Kenya


The International School of Kenya located in Nairobi is the most expensive school in Kenya.Here the fee is Ksh 2,070,204 per term.

2. Greensteds International school


Greensteds international is located in Nakuru county. It is the second most expensive school in Kenya you will pay  Ksh 1,010,000  per term.

3.St. Andrews Turi


St.Andrews also located near Nakuru also made it to top 5 of most expensive schools in Kenya. Its school fees per term is  Ksh 994,500.

4. Brookhouse School


The prestigious school Brookhouse located in Nairobi is known for its amazing infrastructure and is facilities. It’s school fees per term is Ksh 830,000.

5. Peponi School


Peponi school located in Nairobi, Ruiru area. It’s fee per term is Ksh 792,000.

6. Hillcrest International School


Hillcrest international has not been left out in this list. School fees per term is Ksh 782,310.

7. Braeburn Imani International School


Braeburn Imani located in Thika also has its fees being quite expensive. The fees there is  Ksh727,800 per term.


8.Gems Cambridge International School


GEMS Cambridge located in Nairobi couldn’t miss out when it comes to most expensive schools in Kenya. The fees there per term is Ksh 718,480.

9.The Banda School


The Banda school located in Nairobi is also quite expensive. Its fees per term is Ksh 695,000.

10.Kenton College Preparatory School


Kenton College preparatory school has passed the 600,000 mark. Located in Nairobi , Kenya the school fees per term is Ksh 675,918 .


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