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I don’t fear Uhuru! Ruto now declares – Weekly Citizen





Deputy President William Ruto has told members of his kitchen cabinet and diehard supporters that he does not fear president Uhuru Kenyatta anymore. According to a Luhya MP close to the DP, Ruto has been telling them to be strong even if Uhuru using the “deep state or system” tries to block his presidential bid in 2022.

John Waluke

There has been concern among the DP followers that ever since Uhuru embarked on dismantling DP’s tentacles in parliament and the senate, Ruto had gone silent and was not defending them. As such, many had decided to go underground for fear of being targetted by Kenya Revenue Authority, the Ethics Anti-corruption Commission and the Directorate of Criminal Investigations on orders from Uhuru. The jailing of Sirisia MP John Waluke for 36 years or pay a fine of Sh730 million sent shivers down the spine of some Tanga Tanga allied MPs, who were supporting Ruto. MPs like Moses Kuria (Gatundu South), Alice Wahome (Kandara), Rigathi Gachagua (Mathira), Kimani Ichung’wa (Kikuyu) have all gone silent and are watching from the sidelines as Jubilee cannibalizes its own albeit selectively. To complicate matters for Gachagua was the decision by state agencies to freeze his bank accounts on grounds of corruption, and money laundering. The government move has seen Ruto men say he has lost influence and cannot protect them.

Karanja Kibicho

“Politics involves protection just like a father needs to protect his family from external attacks. We, in Ruto camp now feel our father cannot protect us, hence the current silence,” the MP who did not want to be named told your favourite Weekly Citizen. To try to make matters insurmountable for the DP is talk that state security agencies have over six investigative files pending on the Weston Hotel, located on Langata Road that is associated with the DP. Aware of the plot to finish him using the land saga, Ruto has petitioned the court to have Kenya Civil Alights Authority to abandon a bid to recover the land and instead have the land paid for. The move is based on the orders of the National Land Commission which pushed for compensation instead of repossession of the land. Those who feel Uhuru is rabidly going at Ruto say that the land and house on which Daniel Moi lived in at Kabarnet in Kibera and which changed hands mysteriously was government land and yet it now belongs to the Mois.

Fred Matiang’i

This beside other lands and houses that once belonged to the government but now are in private hands including the hands of the Kenyattas and the Railas’ such as state-owned Kisumu Molasses plant now Spectre International. Weekly Citizen has information that the DP, in order to consolidate his once combative camp that will come to his defence even during threats of the impeachment motion, has decided enough is enough. Remember at one time former cabinet secretary, Rashid Echesa even claimed Ruto had abandoned his soldiers on the battlefield. Sources say even after playing it cool, the DP has discovered Uhuru will not back him 2022 and he has to fight back for his own survival without fearing the Uhuru factor. Uhuru to Ruto people is now the betrayer-in- chief not commander-in-chief. And in any case, Uhuru is as powerful as his few remaining months in office and will soon join the power have-beens. It is on these grounds that the DP went head-on and talked of the deep state and system out to block his presidency.

Alice Wahome

Addressing a delegation of leaders from Kajiado South constituency led by MP Katoo Ole Metito, Ruto challenged the “system” to bring it on since he is unstoppable in his 2022 presidential bid. This was a direct attack to Uhuru and his factotums whom Ruto was reminding to start facing the exit door. According to sources, ever since Ruto tried to have Uhuru sack powerful cabinet secretaries and principal secretaries surrounding him but failed, he read mischief in the president’s move. Ruto wanted major changes in Interior and Coordination of National Government security ministry pushing for the removal of Fred Matiang’i and PS Karanja Kibicho. According to sources, he was pushing for Charles Sunkuli, the current principal secretary State Department of Devolution in the ministry of Devolution and Development to replace Kibicho. Sunkuli is a brother of Julius Sunkuli who served as Internal Security minister in the Moi era. Ruto’s game plan was to have Sunkuli in the powerful docket to win and consolidate his power base among the Maasai community. According to sources, Ruto fearing a backclash in Gusiiland did not want Matiang’i sacked.

Kimani Ichung’wa

The Gusii vote bloc is important to Ruto come 2022. But aware Ruto was out to befriend Matiang’i after being appointed to the powerful docket, those surrounding Uhuru moved fast and created a wedge between the two. Ruto was caught offguard as his powers were moved to Matiang’i office putting the duo at loggerheads. In Gusii politics, camps rotating around Ruto and Matiang’i are in a bitter fight. This has seen of MPs and MCAs, initially backing Rutodesert him for Matiang’i. The CS is supportive of Raila Odinga. That Ruto is aware of Uhuru plan to have Raila succeed him for one term of five years and then had over power to his rival in Rift Vally politics, Gideon Moi, the senator of Baringo is the talk within those surrounding the DP. The Kenyatta family and what they refer to deep state and system is using Raila to build bridges for Gideon presidency 2027 or even earlier as a payback debt they owe to the Moi family having groomed Uhuru to the presidency. According to our source, if Ruto is backed by the Kenyatta family and the system, he will definitely rule for two terms totaling 10 years.

Gideon Moi


The possibility of Ruto handing over power to Gideon is nil. So far, we have information that before his death, Moi had tried to have Ruto and Gideon unite. However, it is said, Ruto suspicion derailed the retired president’s move. According to our source, prior to the 2017 general election, Uhuru wanted Jubilee not to field a candidate in Baringo for the senate race and Rongai constituency to oppose Gideon’s brother Raymond Moi. To Uhuru, the move could have seen the Moi family have a soft spot on his deputy. An insider well versed with the deal says it was being pushed by the late former president and Uhuru’s mother Mama Ngina Kenyatta. Uhuru’s brother, Muhoho Kenyatta, then managing his presidential campaign funds, was also behind the power game to protect the Moi family in both parliament and senate. Prior to the 2017 election, Mama Ngina visited the elder Moi at his Kabarak home where she prevailed upon Moi to have Gideon not desert Uhuru to join Nasa. By then, Kanu secretary general Nick Salat had started attending Nasa rallies with the slogan, Kanu was in Nasa ndani, ndani kabisa.

Moses Kuria

After listening carefully to Mama Ngina, Moi is said to have told Gideon who was present during the talks not to have Kanu back Nasa. During the talks, both elder and young Moi told Mama Ngina that Uhuru was a member of the Moi family but his deputy Ruto was openly undermining them including the old mzee. After listening, Mama Ngina is said to have told them she will prevail upon her son to talk to him. Uhuru was in a catch-22 balancing act in handling Gideon, Ruto power wars. Whereas Gideon was willing, Ruto argued the Moi family was out to hang on Jubilee influence in Rift Valley after discovering Nasa could not be sold, to reclaim their seats. The deputy president thus ignored the president’s idea. After taking charge of Jubilee nominations at party headquarters along Thika Road, Ruto made sure Jubilee fielded candidates in Baringo for the senate seat and Rongai parliamentary seat to cut Moi family to size. Gideon faced current labour CS Simon Chelugui. After losing, Ruto had Chelugui appointed to the plum Water ministry docket but is now in Labour. Chelugui has recorded statements at DCI on matters relating to dams scandals.

Nick Salat

Prior to 2017, Gideon knew Ruto’s influence in Kalenjinland and badly decided to fool him win the vote bloc by sidelining Gideon. However, he is said to have backed both Gideon and his brother Raymond in the elections silently. “If it is true system influences voter results, then it happened in Baringo and Rongai,” our source said. It is perhaps on these grounds DP Ruto is now talking of being with the system as he knows the under deals in 2017 poll results. How did Uhuru fool Ruto? one may ask. According to our source, to win the Kalenjin vote, the president’s strategists coiled a slogan Uhuru Kumi, Ruto Kumi that is – Uhuru to rule 10 years after re-election with Ruto taking over for another 10 years. Ruto and his Kalenjin bloc fell in the trap and joined Uhuru Mount Kenya home turf in voting in one basket. What Ruto failed to understand was the fact that for Uhuru to counter Nasa, he could do anything to please Ruto but divorce him once in office. The trick has played well and working effectively going by the happenings surrounding the deputy president’s office.

Rigathi Gachagua

Those close to DP say he was also fooled to fold his United Republican Party ahead of 2017. Recently, Ruto was overheard telling his allies that the biggest political blunder he ever made was to wind up URP. Weekly Citizen has information that the Uhuru plot to wind up URP and TNA to form Jubilee was a calculated move. It was to tame Ruto bargain in ministerial and government positions. It gave Uhuru a leeway to form the cabinet without Ruto’s input as it happened after the 2013 election when TNA and URP shared ministerial positions. Keen observers will have noticed that after the repeat presidential polls, Uhuru retreated to Mombasa with his kitchen cabinet to constitute his cabinet without Ruto. Strategic ministries URP wing in Jubilee held in Uhuru first term were either split or had no Kalenjin allied to Ruto in-charge. Energy portfolio was split into Petroleum with Charles Keter initially in charge of the plum ministry remaining with only Energy. Those close to Ruto say that he was bitter with Uhuru cabinet composition after the last elections and raised questions. Uhuru is said to have dismissed him claiming he was the president and him his deputy.

Mama Ngina

Insiders say that Ruto decided to play silence as events started unfolding until now when he has decided to have no time for Uhuru and chart his own political way aimed at solidifying his supporters who are losing hope. “Ruto has decided to fight back and in the coming days, it will be nasty and messy,” our source revealed. Weekly Citizen has information to the effect that Ruto camp is set to release mega corruption deals involving the Kenyatta family and that of Raila. But even as Ruto takes on Uhuru head-on, the Kenyatta family claims it paid Ruto billions of shillings ahead of 2013 polls to back their son. Further, it says, during Uhuru’s first term presidency, Ruto accumulated a lot of wealth tainting the Uhuru regime both nationally and internationally. To make matters worse are claims that Ruto operated a parallel government undermining that of Uhuru. Informed sources say a plot to finish Ruto is being done in phases and only phase three is being implemented.

Raymond Moi

The first phase was to deny him participation in cabinet naming. The second was to sack parastatal bosses and state officers allied to him. The third phase was to dismantle his control of parliament and the senate. The Fourth phase was to remove his control in the Jubilee party to remain partyless and look for an alternative party come 2022. The fifth is to cut his sources of wealth and make him unable to fund 2022 presidential campaigns. The sixth phase is to block his international connections by not representing Uhuru during foreign functions as it is happening now. Seventh is to dismantle his Kalenjin power base although it is proving to be a tall order and a hard nut to crack. The other plan was to force him to resign but he has not despite feeling the heat. The final blow to Ruto is to impeach him in the middle of 2021 or later.


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