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“I wanted to surprise her but she surprised me instead,” Arrow Bwoy painfully narrates how he caught girlfriend cheating during Corona 





Music has been a source of refuge for the heartbroken, those in mourning and those fighting untold battles. Artists more often than not tell their stories through lyrics, relieve their pain in the choreography and emotional composition and at the end of it all, proves therapeutic.

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Kenya’s popular Coastal dancehall artiste, Arrow Bwoy born Ali Yusuf is not an exception. Having been in the recent past romantically linked with pop star, Nadia Mukami in a relationship whose details remain scanty to date but unlike the babe, Arrow Bwoy hopped onto the next train.

Ex-lovers, Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami

The Toto hitmaker soon after found love, one who kept his sheets company and heart warm amidst the cold season, only to end soon as it started. It so turns out that the kid went into a long-distance relationship with his significant other and after days of not spending quality time together, there is this one day Arrow Bwoy decided to go the extra mile and surprise his girlfriend at her house.

“This Corona will show us things. It is the reason behind many families breaking up and I am a victim. The other day, I had missed spending quality time with my girlfriend and so I decided to borrow an essential services pass from a friend to go to her place at night for a surprise,” he narrated in an exclusive with SDE.

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Celebrity artiste, Arrow Bwoy

Tables turn on him

Little did he know, he would be in for a rude shock. So he did some shopping of ready food, to spare his girlfriend the hustle of cooking and plus the more time they could spend together, then the better. So off he went to her house and well well well, what welcomes him? His lass in the hands of another man.

I decided to buy grilled chicken from one of the eateries in town and then headed to her place where I have never needed permission to visit at night. Upon getting there, I caught her pants down with another man and what an embarrassing moment this surprise turned out to be.

Arrow Bwoy born Ali Yusuf narrates his painful heartbreak

He spared the two of them any drama and decided to walk out but through his new jam Mapenzi balaa, he explains it all, the pain, the disappointment, the heartbreak.

I was hurt so deep but I didn’t want to cause drama. Being the man I am, I could not turn this into a fight. I turned back and headed home where I decided to fight back by expressing myself through the lyrics of my latest song.

Check out Arrow Bwoy’s most recent release Niache Niende featuring Otile.

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