Ian Mbugua reveals ‘Why I was tough on Tusker Project Fame’


Judge Ian Mbugua

Ian Mbugua, popularly known as Judge Ian of Former Tusker Project Fame reality show is known by many for his harsh and mean remarks on the music reality show.

Ian says he needed to be a ‘hardcore’ to fit a reality TV show.

Speaking on Engage Talk, he said,

“Some people ask for your opinion, but when you give them, they don’t like it. I like being honest and forthright.”

He said TPF, like many other reality shows, required conflict and drama to be exciting.

“It is a reality. It is TV! I could use kinder words, but it would not be nice for television. I could tell them, ‘That was kind of nice, but you could try and do this and that’. No!”

Ian Mbugua

Ian currently teaches drama and music and manages theatre at the Brookhouse International School.


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