‘I’d have given her out,’ Tedd Josiah reveals why he chose to keep daughter after wife’s death


Tedd Josiah, wife and daughter
Tedd Josiah, wife and daughter. photo credit: Mpasho

Kenyan music producer and Joka Jok founder Tedd Josiah has advised Kenyans to always be intentionally when making plans affecting their lives.

Giving an example of himself. Tedd narrated how he had to keep his daughter Jay despite the death if his wife Reginah Katar.

According to him, if he had not been intentional on conceiving Jay he would have ‘easily’ given her up as they would have no connection.

Taking to his social media platform he advised.

‘#TBT you got to be intentional with everything you do in life. But to bring another life into this world you have got to be “intentionaller”.

This is cause life is going to hit you with some really tough bricks 🧱 and if you’d not made the decision to be intentional and committed you will flake out on yourself and everyone around  you.’

Attaching a photo of his late wife Reginah holding their daughter, Tedd further said,

This is JayJay in her mother’s arms before mama left.

Looking back I thank God I was intentional with her conception, her months in mama’s tummy, her early days while we still had mama around.

The late Reginah Katar and her daughter Jay

If I hadn’t been intentional I’d have given her out cause I’d have had no connection with her.

I hope this helps someone understand the uttermost importance of being intentional and committed

And the greatest of these is LOVE (WENDO) #RaisingJay #TheManMom

With the help of family, friends and loved one Tedd has been able to bring up Jay.

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