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Immigration: List of 23 Firms With Illegal Foreign Staff




The problem of corruption has made it hard for the department of immigration under Major-General Gordon Kihalangwa who took over office two years ago, to sort out the issue of foreign workers who come to the country as tourists then end up bribing officials for work permits.

Online sources indicate that complaints to authorities about this have always fallen on deaf ears as the Sh1 million bribe received by senior officials at the immigration ministry is sweeter than the law.

The Immigration law stipulates that a Kenyan worker must always be considered first before a foreigner is hired even if the firm is a multinational. The law further provides that a foreigner will only work in the circumstance that there’s no other Kenyan available who has the expertise that the foreigner is bringing, even so, the foreigner is allowed to work for two year, during that time he or she is supposed to train a Kenyan to take up the job while they return to their country of origin.

Many expats have raided the Kenyan markets over the past 3 years, thanks to the increase in corruption by the Jubilee regime. The proliferation of Chinese workers has also made it hard to follow the law, as many, on their government’s secondment, are even taking up casual jobs that can easily be done by Kenyans.

Work permit for a single expat costs Sh400,000.


Many have been able to stay past the 2-year time limit by filing new requests for work permits thereby ‘beating the system’.

Top of those companies that have been named according to a source at the Immigration ministry include:

  1. Price WaterHouseCoopers (PwC)
  2. KPMG
  3. Konza City
  4. French Embassy In Nairobi
  5. DAC Aviation
  6. Bidco
  7. Oilibya
  8. WPP – Scan Group
  9. Freight in Time (FIT)
  10. IPE Global (Africa) Limited
  11. Light International Schools
  12. Blowplast Limited
  13. CGHU
  14. Twyford
  15. Kenya Bureau of Standards (KeBS)
  16. Kipeto Wind Farm
  17. Bata Limited
  18. Standard Gauge Railways (SGR)
  19. Opalnet Limited
  20. ICAP
  21. China Global Television Network
  22. China Road and Bridge Corporation (CRBC)
  23. China Communications Construction (CCC)