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Is Kalonzo becoming shame of Kambas? – Weekly Citizen





As much as they did not say why Raila found the story hilarious, it goes without saying that he must have thought Kalonzo the stupidest politician in Kenya today if Kalonzo still imagines that whatever agreement they might have had holds any weight heavier than the paper it was written on. But as Raila was getting his ribs cracked by Kalonzo’s naivete, Kalonzo’s supporters were getting deeply worried that their man is losing his marbles politically.

Kivutha Kibwana

How, they asked, could Kalonzo in his wildest dreams think that Raila can honour a third pact when he has dishonoured two with Kalonzo already and countless agreements with nearly every main Kenyan politician and even others from outside Kenya including wazungu and Chinese? Even more worrying, the voters said, is the fact that Kalonzo still is not his own man and must try to rope in Raila in his political misadventures that have become his portion ever since he miscalculated in the 2013 elections and barked the wrong tree. So politically blind, the voters of Ukamani who have been following Kalonzo are now realizing, is Kalonzo that he can not see that he is milking a he-goat. And even then, they wonder, why has Kalonzo not discovered that he is squeezing testis and not udder. And while others fear that Kalonzo is probably going senile prematurely, others say that Kalonzo is either mad that he is banking on Raila to back him or else Raila would be mad to back Kalonzo. This because apart from having backing only in Ukambani, there is nowhere else Kalonzo has a following as people outside Ukambani do not take him seriously owing to his speeches that many do not identify or relate with seeing them as saying a lot of nothing in many words.

Mulu Mutisya

Take for instance the interview that made Raila laugh so loud his family members wished that newspapers carried such news every day as Raila’s would have remained permanently elevated and even hastened his recovery if laughter is medicine. Now here is Kalonzo saying that he has a 2022 deal with Raila for Raila to support him but in the next sentence he blames Raila for the death of Nasa that Raila would have promised Kalonzo he would back him on. According to Kalonzo, the demise of Nasa has been engineered by Raila whose “ODM MPs are frustrating Nasa so that it becomes dysfunctional”. What Kalonzo is deliberately refusing to acknowledge and so he can be said to be in self-denial is that Raila also stage-managed the collapse of Cord after 2013 because he had signed an agreement with Kalonzo to back Kalonzo for president 2017. Now Raila has killed Nasa because he had an agreement with Kalonzo to back Kalonzo on Nasa in 2022. On being pressed to divulge what is in his 2022 agreement with Raila, Kalonzo said that it is confidential.

Johnston Muthama

This left many laughing even louder than Raila as they perplexed how Kalonzo could be so gullible as to entertain remotely the possibility of Raila having anything confidential with anyone. Raila, those who know him told Kalonzo, is one person you can not trust with even a spoon let alone power. To prove this, they said that Raila has made the same “secret” power pact separately with Musalia Mudavadi, Gideon Moi, Moses Wetangula and Isaac Ruto all whom Raila told he would back in 2022 and asked that they do not tell it to anyone just as he told Kalonzo not to tell anyone. It is only that the other four did not value Raila’s word that they have not come out in public to say it because they know people would laugh and call them fools to believe anything Raila promises anyone. Had Raila been serious with the so-called secret power pact with Kalonzo, he would have at least informed Kalonzo that he was going to have a handshake with Uhuru Kenyatta. As it is though, none other than Kalonzo himself has revealed that he was as flummoxed by the handshake as everyone and that he had indeed been called by Mudavadi on the material day and asked whether he was seeing what was happening on television at the stairs of Harambee House.


Charity Kaluki Ngilu

And as if to prove that he does not politically add two and two correctly, Kalonzo is not seeing that Raila cannot be wishing him well going by how ODM MPs and senators are determined to see Kalonzo unwelcome in Jubilee. For entering into an agreement with Uhuru ODM MPs have declared that ODM is going to dewhip all Wiper MPs holding parliamentary committee positions. Still, if Raila had any goodwill for Kalonzo, would Raila, like Kalonzo say in the interview, refuse to attend Nasa meetings “to run away from sharing political parties funds with coalition partners”?And as if to lay stake as the champion fence sitter in the continent, Kalonzo in the same interview says that he has another agreement with Uhuru Kenyatta. As airy as ever, Kalonzo says that “Wiper has stated that because of president Uhuru’s commitment in the fight against graft, uniting the country following on the post-election handshake with Raila, and looking at the way he is committed to leaving a lasting legacy in terms of Vision 2030 and therefore the Big Four Agenda, the Wiper NEC decided to support president Uhuru Kenyatta….”

Mutula Kilonzo Jr

Who but a dishonest person or a political oxymoron would see any legacy Uhuru is going to leave behind? And what graft is Uhuru fighting when Uhuru is sparing those accused of the graft so long as they sing his tune? And what Vision 2030 can Uhuru can claim credit for when it is a project that started and died in the Mwai Kibaki era? And what big Four Agenda is Kalonzo talking about when not even Uhuru himself talks about it? While others would be ashamed of it, Kalonzo was here boasting that he took Kambas to the opposition in what betrays him as a person who cares nothing about the Kamba community who have been yearning to return to the government where the late Mulu Mutisya left them and where he would ensure that the community had sons and daughters in ministries, parastatals and state corporations by vising State House with delegations of highly and lowly educated Kambas to demand they be employed. Incidentally, Kalonzo was one of those Mulu dragged to State House to have then president Daniel Moi take under his wings.

Alfred Mutua

It is this tradition that Kambas hoped Kalonzo would continue but hear Kalonzo in the interview: “I want to tell you that in 2013 and 2017 the same people were against me running with Raila, but what was the outcome? The Kamba nation voted for Raila than even the Luos”.What is worrying Kambas however is not that they now clearly know that Kalonzo can not become president of Kenya, but that he is now antagonizing the one person whom Kambas believe is going to secure the president of Kenya after Uhuru. Indeed, there are plans by Kambas to visit William Ruto and assure him that the views of Kalonzo are Kalonzo’s as a person and not those of the community. Former Machakos Senator Johnson Muthama and a one-time close ally of Kalonzo is now among Ruto strategists. Kalonzo in the interview said that Ruto is not a factor in the Wiper Jubilee agreement which made many wonder who between Uhuru who is going home and Ruto one should seek to work with. Governors from Ukambani at war with Kalonzo include Prof Kivutha Kibwana (Makueni), Alfred Mutua (Machakos) and Charity Ngilu(Kitui)


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