KDF recruit collapses and dies in Malindi

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A Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) recruit died on Tuesday afternoon in Malindi, Kilifi County, after collapsing during a run.

Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Nzioka, the KDF officer who oversaw the recruitment, said the man died at Tawfique Hospital where he was taken.

First aid was administered after the recruit collapsed at Alaskan grounds.

“Our doctors offered first aid and rushed him to Tawfique as his condition worsened,” Lt.Col. Nzioka said.

“Unfortunately, the young man passed away upon arriving at the hospital.”

Regarding the turnout for the exercise, Lt.Col. Nzioka reported that it was the largest and placed the number at 400.

He said, however, that there were no slots for women in Malindi this year. Those who reported to the venue were turned away.

Lt.Col. Nzioka cited challenges in areas including physical fitness, weight and height.

“Residents who did not get a chance today should try again in future,” he said.

The recruitment kicked off on November 19 and will end on December 19.

The military is looking for general recruits, tradesmen/women and constables.

Tradesmen must have a minimum mean grade of D (plain) in Kenya Certificate of Secondary School to qualify for the general recruits.

Potential recruits are required to provide academic certificates, testimonials and an original identity card.

The military is also keen on recruiting tradesmen and women with diploma qualifications in fields such as computer science, journalism, medical laboratory, library, architecture, welding and automotive engineering.

Other areas are: public health, dental technology, radiography, survey, cooperative management, community oral health, pharmacy and social work.

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