KOT roast Sonko after adopting fake American accent at conference


Nairobi governor Mike Sonko left many Kenyans in stitches on Tuesday with his fake American accent. He unleashed his “hidden” accent as he delivered his speech during the opening of the Sustainable Blue Economy Conference at KICC.

Attendees included President Uhuru Kenyatta, UN Habitat executive director Maimunah Mohammed and other dignitaries.

The governor pronounced words like city as “cirry” and President Uhuru’s Kenyatta’s name as “Kenyarra”.

Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) had a field day and roasted the governor on Twitter. A user by the name Sheikh Mutuku saying, “What the hell was Sonko trying here?”

Another user, Ivar the boneless,‏ said, “What’s with Sonko’s Matuu Ndallas Texas accent?”

Kipkalya Kones‏ wrote “Gov Mike El Chapo Sonko was today twenging like Artur Margaryan. “Narobi Cirrrry…”

Guchu Muchoki said, “You are giving Sonko one of the hardest moments ever in his life…. Must he talk?”

Jimmy Nyoike said, “Imagine what Uhuru Kenyarra was thinking when he heard Sonko read his speech with that tweng……. ati cirri tena? mara headquarra,”

Robert Kaman said, “Everyone in Nairobi has changed their accents since yesterday. That Sonko speech talking about Nairobi ciddy (city).”

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