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West Pokot county governor John Lonyangapuo has castigated those blaming him for associating with William Ruto. He said that Ruto is the deputy president and there is no problem to welcome him for development projects in his county. This comes when the governor is at loggerheads with KANU leadership that has accused him of inciting members of the county assembly to go against the party’s will. Twelve members of the county assembly from Kanu have been summoned to appear before the disciplinary committee. Lonyangapuo disassociated himself over claims he has intentions of ditching the Kanu and join another political bandwagon ahead of 2022 elections. “My friendship with the deputy president is all about development. I have no idea of Kieleweke or Tanga Tanga political groups,” he said. The county boss further dismissed assertions that he shifted to Ruto’s camp a long time ago citing that he respects the Kanu party because it is a political vehicle that helped him to be a governor.

John Lonyangapuo

He noted that he has no intention of changing his political stand and those working hard to scatter the Kanu party will not succeed. He added that to him this is not the right time for politics but to focus on his development agenda. “Before the 2017 elections, I had problems with the deputy president. We could not see eye-to-eye because of political differences. Now that I am a leader, I embrace everyone,” he said. He reiterated that he will invite Kanu party leader, Gideon Moi, to visit the county anytime and he will be welcomed by Kanu in large numbers. He said he will not be deterred by rumour-mongers and propagandists and those giving out false information concerning his political stand should desist. He castigated those already campaigning for the presidential seat before 2022 to stop imposing themselves on a country that already has a president. However, MPs from the county echoed the governor’s sentiments, stating that the changes the governor intended to make at the county assembly are interfered with by external forces.

Mark Lomunokol

Kacheliba MP Mark Lomunokol said there is much political witch-hunting ongoing in the country, and some leaders are working hard to bring others down. Sigor MP Peter Lochakapong said the county is experiencing political dispersion, and some politicians have been sacrificed because of their affiliations to a particular party. He said leaders should be allowed to express their thoughts, and finally reach a consensus that will benefit the common citizenry. Lonyangapuo has slammed government officers from the county over politicizing relief food distribution to cushion residents from pangs of hunger during this period of Covid-19. The governor in particular named Devolution and Arid Lands principal secretary Micah Powon who hails from the county over interfering with relief food distribution donation from the Italian cooperation. The county boss accused Powon of threatening junior government officers working in the county. However, speaking to Weekly Citizen, Powon said that procedurally, the food is not supposed to be distributed by politicians.


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