Men need to style up because they are losing it in the name of fashion


Whenever fashion is mentioned, what comes in mind is women. They are well known for their taste and zeal for fashion.

Nowadays men are not an exceptional in fashion too. They are seen trying to imitate models and celebrities when it comes to dressing.

But men are exaggerating fashion more than women, I don’t understand if its to seek attention from ladies or it is to stand out.

The issue of sagging trousers and leaving half of their innerwears exposed is not an issue any longer.

Gone are the days when the society complained about ladies putting on clothes that expose half of their bodies, men are also in it now.

Differentiating a male and female nowadays is getting confusing because it is like most of the fashions are ‘unisex.’ You find a man in a trouser that is girlish and he is very comfortable.

As if this is not enough, the issue of putting on baggy trousers is slowly dying. Fitting clothes are good especially when they fit someone properly, but men have taken the issue of fit outfits too far. You find a man who has slimmed his trouser to a point where walking is an issue, making long strides is the worst bit because the trouser can burst anytime.

It is also disrespectful especially for a man to expose his body parts in the name of fashion. Being smart and in fitting outfits isn’t bad, but the point of over-slimming trousers is really disgusting. Men style up.

By Kenyan Digest

The Kenyan Digest Team