Mystery behind Jowie Irungu’s all-grown daughter with wife Ella unveiled (Photos)


After several interviews about their past together, present and prospective future, Jowie Irungu and Eleanor Musangi’s story about their alleged daughter together just did not add up.

A little pretty grown baby girl was introduced to us on Jowie’s gospel debut Nishikilie before more photos of her with her mom emerged online that made us pretty conversant with the cute chubby baby.

Ella with her dotting daughter

According to Eleanor, Jowie is her husband and forever life partner, with a roughly 7-year old daughter to raise together, but having met when he was in prison, which was around late 2018. That means they have only been together for approximately 2 years.

During her interview on Tuko, the professional model further clarified that Jowie never cheated on her not even with TV beauty Jacque Maribe, so it just did not make sense. Until now when it has all come to light.

Love triangle of Jowie Irungu, Jacque Maribe and Eleanor Musangi

The truth uncovered

Turns out that Jowie met Ella when she was already a single mom having part ways with the biological father of her daughter and now putting the responsibility of a father upon the ex-convict.

Ella and her daughter looking adorable

This is after Internet DCIs got down to work to unearth the mystery about a daughter’s conception between parents whose history together did not match up. An investigation that resulted in emergence of never seen before photos of Ella’s daughter with her biological father, David bin Salem.

Eleanor Musangi Ndambo with ex-husband and baby daddy, David bin Salem

Well, Ella was actually married and expectant before her modelling career kicked off and that is how her little angel was born.

The young couple previously

As the dotting princess previously marked her birthdays, her dad, David was in attendance. Check out photos of the three.

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