NAIROBERRY! LADY narrates how she was ‘robbed’ in a Matatu and the ‘thief’ brags on twitter Eh! Eh! (LOOK)


November 29, 2018 –
There is a reason why Nairobi
is known as ‘jiji la wajanja’

This lady learnt that the hard way after a
cunning guy robbed her in broad daylight.

Narrating the incident on twitter, the lady
revealed how she met the guy in a bus top and they started chatting while
waiting for the Matatu.

When the Matatu arrived, they boarded and
took different seats with the lady taking a backseat.

When it was time to pay their fare, the
lady gave the guy who was seated in front Sh200 to pass to the conductor.

Unbeknownst to her, the guy signaled the
conductor that the lady was paying his fare as well.

The lady was shocked when she asked the
conductor for her change and the guy had already alighted.

What’s more interesting is that the guy
took to twitter to mock the poor lady.

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