New entrants in Nyamira gubernatorial race

New entrants in Nyamira gubernatorial race – Weekly Citizen
New entrants in Nyamira gubernatorial race – Weekly Citizen

The race for governor of Nyamira is not going to be premised on theory and non-issues but on deliverable manifestos which resonate with the development aspirations of the residents. Corporate rather than personal interests and intentions share override to secure the future of the young generation.

It will be much more important to focus not on the outgoing John Nyagarama and his DG but rather on what the future holds in store for the county government.

New entrants in Nyamira gubernatorial race – Weekly CitizenJoseph Kiangoi

Nyamira residents are yearning for leadership that equips their children with abilities to cope with the cutthroat competition at the national level than on who negotiates for personal interests. Those angling for the seat include Walter Nyambati a former Kitutu Masaba MP, Joseph Kiangoi-North Mugirango former MP and an assistant minister in the Kanu regime, Mwancha Okioma – former Kitutu Masaba MP and nicknamed Choir Master during the Ford People regime in the larger Gusii, James Gesami a two-time MP West Mugirango constituency, Mong’are Okong’o- the former immediate senator, Timothy Bosire – ODM treasurer and the immediate former MP Kitutu Masaba, Amos Nyaribo has been a next to Nyagarama as his deputy so is Charles Mochama the owner of Set Green Hill Academy but in Kisii county.

Ben Momanyi

Ben Momanyi after being the only MP to have been reelected after Gesami boosts that he can man Nyamira county but he has to wrestle with the other candidates. As always, the clan factor has its score on who to carry the day.

In Nyamira we have two major clans – Abagirango and Abagetutu. Abagetutu went to court against Abagirango in 2017 during the reelection of Nyagarama as a governor through Walter Nyambati.

Walter Nyambati

The outgoing governor is accused of being a poor manager in terms of upscaling the development, maintaining the education standards, promotion of nepotism and employment and swallowing corruption, which the Abagetutu are capitalizing to give one of their own. After tasting political leadership, it is hard to leave unless financially crippled.

Okioma, Bosire, Nyambati have been asked to swallow their pride as former leaders and allow new entrants from the clan to carry the mantle. The new entrants are Fred Machana, Charles Mochama, Dennis Abincha, Jared Orina, Kennedy Nyaecha and John Matiangi Knut national treasurer.

Charles Nyachae

The new crop of leadership is the only bridge in Nyamira county since those former elected leaders were voted out because of almost similar circumstances. That is why we need new brooms. The Abagetutu clan wants to narrow the candidature to a lean one to sail through.

The opinion shapers on the ground say to counter the tragedy in which they can stop voters to conspire to elect leaders without vision plunges them into a fruitless five-year marriage from which they cannot liberate themselves and about which to complain for the five years.

Timothy Bosire

Machana who boasts of PhD, DBA, MBA, Ma, PmP and North Central University Dissertation wants to bring the experience to the management of the county. He is also a member of several managements in education administrations and global operations.

He is in tea farming which is used to help the tea sector in the larger Gusii region and national. Charles Mochama from Nyamira worked with Finnish Embassy, Netherlands Embassy, ICIPE and UNDP in Kenya government and lastly with World Bank in Eastern Africa in the agribusiness development team and value change management.