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Rot at Machakos Town CDF smells to the skies – Weekly Citizen





Residents of Machakos Town constituency have written a letter to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission exposing what they say
are glaring cases of graft in the office of NG-CDF in the constituency. But even as they sent the letter to EACC, the area MP, Victor Munyaka, allegedly told them that they were wasting their time because “he is a friend of the person who sits at the desk the letters
will end at”. As a result, the residents have now decided to highlight the matter in Weekly Citizen in a bid to make authorities take measures against the MP whom they say has bought some people at Integrity Centre where EACC is headquartered. In a letter titled: “Illegal/unlawful use of office for self and family members enrichment by one Hon Victor Munyaka Member of National Assembly Machakos Town”, received by EACC on July 14, 2020, they accuse Munyaka of misusing his constituency office for personal or family benefits thereby denying the same benefits to the common citizen of the area he represents and who live in poverty. On tendering, they say there has never been any of the tendering processes in the constituency office. The NG-CDF chairman, Silvester Mumo, is accused of handpicking all contractors and mainly those who are related to Munyaka and his close allies.

Victor Munyaka


Companies owned by close allies and campaigners, another owned by a member of staff who is brother-in-law to the MP, company owned by a chief campaigner of the MP are a case in point. Others are contractors who are close ally and campaigners of the MP. It is said he has been awarded driving school services without tendering, and on exaggerated rates. “We suspect many of the trainees are ghosts,” they write. It is said no applications for the companies and all the others are made as the chairman bulldozes his way and introduces nonexisting companies for listing for the tendering to look real. “There have been very serious complaints about these officers. Any fund manager who does not listen and take corrupt direction from the MP is removed immediately. This constituency has been served by 12 fund managers in the last 13 years. A good example is Josfrida Rameti corrupt deals with the NG-CDF chairman for the member of parliament,” the letter further reads. The last two fund managers, Martin Amanyi and Josfrida Rameti were removed unceremoniously. They say that the MP has not had any office in the constituency for the last 13 years he has been MP. The current office occupied by the NG-CDF board members was rented by CDF and then monthly rent is paid by the NG-CDF funds. “Where does the MP take the funds made for the parliamentary constituency office? Please investigate,” they write.

They claim the MP has had his family members employed by the parliamentary service commission but the relatives do their own things and only go to the bank at month-end to get their parliamentary salary. They are Mwanzia Munyaka, brother, Wambua Munyaka, brother, Makau Munyaka, brother, Mwanzia’s wife, Kinyata Munyaka, twin brother, Robert Mbuva, cousin, Salome Musau, sister in- law, James Vulu, cousin, Wambua Kisese, PA’s cousin, Moses Mwendwa, brother-in-law among others. It is said that there has never been any election for the board since 2008. The members who have been on the board since 2008 are Mumo – 2008 to, Jackson Kilundo – 2008, Abdalla Dalukario – 2008, Salome – 2008, all serving to date “Allocation of bursary funds has been a thorn in the flesh of Machakos Town residents. Public participation meetings are held all over the constituency and resolutions are made on the amounts to be allocated to the secondary school learners and the university students,” they write. “According to the MP, these allocations are done according to the budget for each particular year. The issue at hand here is the change that took place later at the NG-CDF office and after the resolutions, the changes were so big that the agreed amount for secondary school was Sh4,000 but allocation was Sh2,000 while tertiary institutions was Sh5,000. It is whispered that some funds are allocated to non-existing schools, students and boda boda trainees. Some existing ones are allocated 100pc bursaries for all the students but eventually at the end of the day, the students pay fees as per the school fee structures.


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