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Shinyalu MP Kizito, Lisamula wage war – Weekly Citizen





Shinyalu residents are up in arms complaining about a construction company that was contracted to repair a road that has become impassable after rains. The tender name Routine Maintenance of D299 was under the Tender Reference Number KeRRA/011/39/KAK/2-55-2019/20-567. Hence Museno-Shirulu-St Peters Junction was given to Arcanum Enterprises to carry out the job for a period of three months starting from July. But the company did it for only two weeks and called it a day leading to uproar and name-calling by the residents for a shoddy job done. Led by a political activist Ben Sabala, Josphat Kwasira and a retired Shirulu sub-chief Cedric Heyi, the residents vowed to use any possible means to see to it that proper action is taken against Arcanum Enterprises and any other individuals who directly or indirectly aided the worsening situation along the road.

Kizito Mugali

The situation almost went out of control when a few junior officers led by the constituency roads officer Michael Wambani visited the area with a view of examining the road. This was after the residents had gone to the county offices to register their grievances. The angry residents responded by blocking the road at Shirulu Primary School in order to force the officers to stop and address them. It was at this time when they sensed danger, turned back and headed to Kakamega. An angry Heyi was overheard condemning a villager who led and escorted them away. When contacted, the company engineer Jacob Owiti said that the work was not complete. But he could not say how far he had worked. He could not say how much work was remaining. He could not give a figure of the funds allocated. He was not sure when he would resume the work. In a letter by the residents to the county head office, the officer in charge of rural roads authority, they demanded that other than the said road, the county government “must clarify on the status of the remaining part of the road from Shirulu Primary School-River Yala- Lugango Secondary to Shikusi Health Centre,” read part of the letter.


Anami Lisamula

The regional deputy director for roads CM Mukuva said that he had been to the area and addressed the locals on the way forward. But in his acknowledgment letter, he agreed that “the contractor will repeat the work to the satisfaction of everyone if the murram used failed the test,” read part of the letter. A close associate of the outgoing county minister for roads Matemba said that the minister had expressed reservation on the matter. But he had sent one Eng Otenyo to study the situation. He did not give the outcome of the study. The allocation for the road was Sh3.9 million, according to the county website. At the same time, the residents were not able to differentiate between what the county government and the national government through the NG-CDF were doing on the same road. The allocated funds came from the NG-CDF kitty according to Mukuva. Shinyalu MP Kizito Mugali said that he is doing as much as he could, to have roads in the area repaired. But he is not ready to engage in petty politics with a few individuals. The road is at the “doorsteps” of the former Shinyalu MP Anami Lisamula. The two are perennial rivals. Political observers say that Lisamula was behind the demonstrations. This is because Kizito will have all the bragging rights as the one who made the road right for Lisamula to drive home. So it would be a good idea to force Kizito to do it right now.


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