‘Siezi mwachia boma,’ City woman vows after husband impregnates househelp


Imagine employing a househelp only for her to end up sleeping with your husband and getting pregnant for him.

A Kenyan woman is living a life of regret after her househelp ended up warming her husband’s bed and conceiving from the affair.

*Cate narrates that not only did the help get pregnant but that she also started calling her names, after all weren’t they sharing a man?

‘I have been married to my husband for some years now, and we have beautiful kids together.

I recently just found out that my ex house-help is pregnant for my husband.

I had to let her go about few months ago, because I wasn’t comfortable with her behavior, she was becoming to comfortable in my home.

After that she and her brother kept on calling me and raining insults on me.’

Just when Cate thought things could not get any worse, the help dropped the bombshell.

‘Some days go, I got a text from her, saying I should tell my ”useless husband that has impregnated her, to pick her calls.

Adding that she doesn’t blame me, because I am a good woman, but my husband isn’t.

I forwarded the message to my husband, who denied ever having anything to do with her.’


I was going to let it slide, not until I got another text from her, which confirms that she is pregnant for my husband.

At this point, I don’t know what action to take, as I  am so broken and hurt.

I wouldn’t leave my home because of this.

I wont give her the victory of watching her see my home scattered.

How do I handle the situation?’ She asks

Cate is not alone as we have in the past heard of househelps who turned into co-wives. It can ruin a woman’s self esteem.

Below are some of the reactions to Cate’s story

Kevinah Muchukaz: She is been sleeping with your husband that’s why she’s been arrogant that’s what you get when you leave your responsibilities to a househelp.

Vincent Ole Tunai: IT’S PAYBACK TIME sister, when you were sleeping with someone’s husband in campus you thought it was cool, little did you know MALIPO NI HAPA DUNIANI. enjoy the show.

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