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Signs that your relationship is dying and you should reignite or let go





We have all at some time been in a relationship where the fire suddenly goes down and every effort to reignite it fails leaving us heartbroken.

Sad as it may be,below are signs to look out for.

  1. When he/she stops calling

If all over sudden your partner stops calling or texting and you are the one who has to initiate communication, just know kimeumana.

He/she might be considering quitting but doesn’t have the guts to do it abruptly.

2. When one partner is always busy


When one partner becomes too busy all of a sudden, this is a red flag, yes people do get busy but we always create time for people we love.

Communication does not have to be so complex, it can be simple texts or calls but if even those are no longer coming, jipe shughuli.

3. Constant arguments

Every couple is bound to argue, but if the arguments all of a sudden escalate for no reason then girl, it’s time to look a little deeper.

Your partner may be giving you the signs that you two can’t be together anymore, so don’t force it.

4. Sudden lack of intimacy

Never ignore this sign, if your partner becomes distant and stingy with intimacy just know that they might be un-interested.

Some times stress and other external issues might make one lose interest but we all can feel when the other person does not want to be with us anymore.

If you try reigniting the fire and everything just move on. There is nothing worth sacrificing your self-esteem for.

What are other signs to look for in identifying your relationship is dying?

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