TBT picture of Vera Sidika Shikwekwe that has excited the internet


Vera Sidika has finally accepted her sir name Shikwekwe.

Trolls had gone ham after she exposed her birth certificate and guys could not help but diss her but finally, she has accepted.

Vera posted a throw back picture of her back in the day when she was dark skinned.

She captioned:

Throwback Thursday 
Little Veronica Shikuku Shikwekwe ???

The fact that she acknowledged her name excited the internet, with people responding with hilarious comments:

Morgan: Vera hii jina yako lakini???

Mercy: Na saa hii ni wewe unapanua kupanua

Hynip: But that vera she was black before

Janet: You mean ulikua katomy ukiwa mdogo then vindu vikachange pap to slay Quee ??????bado nakupenda tu

Also read:

Debbie: Eeee shikwekwe wetu umetoka mbali…

Denno: Kumbe hizi vacation ulianza kitambo Sana. This Shikuku second name reminds me of chicken ????kindly let me know what it means in your local ??

Here is her TBT picture:

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By Kenyan Digest

The Kenyan Digest Team