Teacher Wanjiku reveals the secret to remaining relevant in comedy


Leading comedian Teacher Wanjiku has said the most challenging in comedy is that the industry is fully dominated by men, making it hard for women to shine.

“Most people do not believe that a woman is able to make people laugh,” Wanjiku said.

Adding, “You have to prove to them that you are better than even the men. There are fewer females in the comedy industry.”

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Teacher Wanjiku made her debut in acting and comedy 10 years ago, and yet she still remains relevant.

“Being away for some time has helped me maintain my brand as a comedian. Understanding my brand and what I am telling my audience helps. While growing up, I always wanted to be a teacher, and when I was in college doing mass communication, that really motivated me, although I was an average student in class,” she said.

From there, it is hard work that has helped her thrive. “You have to keep pushing yourself in the industry. I am original and I work very hard for my content before I get into the studio,” she said.

As a comedian, Wanjiku has been responsive to feedback.

“I sometimes let my audience to control me,” she said. “Always allow people to criticise you. If not, you will not manage.”

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By Kenyan Digest

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