The Blue economy was just another strategy to exploit Kenyans


Wandia Njoya via fb

One feature of whiteness is to spend resources looking for a magic solution while ignoring the answer staring you in the face. Because the bigger point of such adventures is power built on exclusivity. And that’s what this talk of blue economy is about. The people of Kenya ARE RIGHT HERE. They are not getting a good enough education to help them deal with life’s dilemmas. They are not getting publicly funded social services so that they can spend their time innovating. Their labor is being stolen through scandal, upon scandal, upon scandal. And instead of fixing these glaring and obvious problems, and actually trusting and investing in Kenyans, the government is telling us about going into the water and “exploiting” it.

This government gives nothing. Builds nothing. It just exploits. It exploits prisoners. It exploits wildlife. Now it wants to exploit the water. I can’t think of how much more colonial this gets, and yet if you pointed at how twisted and sick this is, the government won’t get it. It just wont. If Brand Kenya can tell wazungu to colonize us and not think it’s a problem, if a lecturer can tell BBC that voluntary colonialism is worth considering, what hope is there for Kenya? It’s like we’ve decided not to be human beings.

I want this government sent into pigs and the pigs thrown over the cliff. If it goes into the ocean, may it drown and not come back. I’m sick of this government’s colonial sickness. And it’s too sick to see that it’s sick.


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By Kenyan Digest

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