This LADY is taking her husband to watch Formula 1 in Dubai on his 30th birthday and Kenyan men are weeping (LOOK)

Wednesday, November 21, 2018 – While Kenyan men are getting a pair socks and boxers as birthday presents from their wives and girlfriends, this Zambian Lady is taking her husband to Dubai to watch the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

She took to social media to share a photo of herself and the lucky guy airborne to Dubai and the tickets for the Formula 1 race day.

“My husband is a huge @F1 fan (he got me hooked) & has been talking about the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix since we met. So guess where I’m taking him as a present for his 30th birthday? Thaaaaaaat’s right! Abu Dhabi here we come!!!!!!! He is so excited!” she wrote on twitter.

Kenyan men reacted to the post lamenting how their wives are only good at nagging and only gift them mundane stuff like a pair of socks and expect the men to move the heavens during their birthdays.

Check out the post and reaction below.


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