Will Maara MP Kareke Mbiuki defend his seat 2022? – Weekly Citizen


Political terrain in Maara constituency ahead of 2022 general election is set for a major change should all those who have shown interest in the seat held by Kareke Mbiuki throw the hat into the ring. If Mbiuki decides to defend his seat, he is set to meet new faces among the man who came second in the last general election. Talk is rife, the MP may decide to go for senatorship or even be deputy governor as he eyes the top county seat in 2027.

Kareke Mbiuki

Mbiuki is said to be working with Muthomi Njuki, the governor of Tharaka Nithi on a new power-sharing arrangement. In the deal, the governor will defend his seat while the MP goes for senatorship. However, the MP’s headache is the fact, former governor Samuel Ragwa has decided to switch from governorship to senate seat fearing Njuki’s current rating on the ground. The governor is pushing Mbiuki for senatorship to counter Ragwa said to have decided to back a newcomer to oppose him. Njuki if he finds Mbiuki cannot tame Ragwa for senatorship race will then prefer him as his deputy in a move aimed at grooming him his successor 2022. Weekly Citizen has information, deputy governor Francis Kagwima who relationship with his boss is on and off is a key player in the Ragwa camp of late.

Francis Kagwima

Kagwima has not shown or sent signals which seat he wants 2022. However, those close to him say he may pull a surprise and declare he wants to be governor.Mbiuki can decide to be Njuki’s running mate if Kagwima deserts his boss and joins the opponents, those well versed with county politics aver. If he defends his seat in 2022, Mbiuki will face the strong candidature of Maara, businessman-cum-politician, Hassan Kithinji. HK as he is known among his supporters was in 2017 race but lost with a slim margin to Mbiuki. The number of aspirants is growing day and night and the MP is said to be well aware. Among them is president Uhuru’s Tharaka Nithi former campaign coordinator Lawrence Gitonga. He is the CEO of Novel Technologies that has won lucrative tenders. Uhuru helped him land the position of chairman, Kathwana municipal board.

Samwel Ragwa

Gitonga has hit the road running ahead of 2022 and finances local boda boda Sacco. Micheni Mitch, an aviation consultant from Mwimbi ward has not been left out. A ground network operative, Micheni is seen frequently meeting youth and women groups, especially in Ganga ward. A woman causing ripples among men in the race is Salome Rutere from Chogoria ward. Well versed with social networking among women and youth, her name is mentioned almost in each and every village. Mwandiki Riungu from Ngeru is also in the race but others say he may decide to chicken out if pushed to the wall by other aspirants. He is depending on the family name. Riungu is son to former Kiriani Secondary School headteacher, Riungu Boss. The father was elected as Cooperative Bank director and even served vice-chair of the board. It is said, the family is against him running and will prefer to wait to be county governor in the near future.


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