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¨Kuna kitu ndani ya oven¨ Hilarious guesses after comedian Njugush reveals they are expecting blessings




Popular entertaining couple, Njugush and Celestine Ndinda might be dropping a bombshell this year and fans were quick to speculate there is a baby on the way.

On Instagram, the funny man shared:

We have a BIG announcement on Monday 10am stay tuned……..wanna take a guess? Hii ni ile mwaka ya double double @celestinendinda

We have a BIG announcement on Monday 10am stay tuned – Njugush shouts

Njugush decided to open the stage for wild guesses but funny enough, most responses were in the line of an addition to the family.

2019 was an enticing year for most couples and fans believe this particular one of Njugush and Celestine, was in the mix as well.

Barely 2019, a photo of Njugush holding onto Celestine´s seemingly bulging belly surfaced and fans quickly congratulated the couple for baby number 2.

Njugush and wifey, Celestine Ndinda, while in Uganda, last year

However, the matter went under, soon as it surfaced.

Mixed reactions

So now, fans were quick to speculate that baby number two would be the breaking news come Monday, at 10 am. Check the reactions below:

karthesmartin1 Mtahama kesho…


bienaimesol: @celestinendinda ako na mimba ya quadruplets.


kabiwajesus Congratulations guys cant wait for the reveal of Tugis face ???

Before Celestine responded:


@kabiwajesus ???? you wait until we are ready

With Kabi wa Jesus replying:

@celestinendinda ??? nimeanza kuboeka kungoja am sure he looks like his dad @blessednjugush

Followers further aired:

hannahkym4 Hakunyeshi so Gari inaendeshwa


paulinekarasha: Wakavinye is pregnant.


hannahkym4 Uko na ball ni ww ulikuwa umebaki…… Mmmaseleb washapata


koech4309 Mnataka kuongeza sumbua mwingine ama?


eddiebutita Mnaongeza Tugi mwingine ama?


lydiasimiyu2 Nishajua…kuna kitu ndani ya oven


gaitroberts You’re going back to school?


celestinegachuhi You guys are pregnant ??

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