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¨May God´s favor pour into your lives!¨ Size 8´s emotional prayer to the two most important men in her life



Even as we celebrate great men in our lives, right from fathers, to hubbies, to brothers, to male friends….. name it! Size 8´s life rotates around 2 crucial men – her dad and her hubby.

In a long post up on social media, the now proud mother of 2 penned words of unending gratitude to her dad and husband who have held her hands in the darkest of times.

Her second pregnancy has had her spend more hours in the hospital corridor than anywhere else.


¨Woi they have been beside me thru and thru physically and in prayer!¨ the gospel singer started off.

Her prayer is that God grants them his sufficient graces and blessings and hopes to never take their kindness for granted.

She takes her hat off for men who have been pillars in their daughters´ and wives´ lives especially during such trying times.

I bless God for these two men in my life Mr. Munyali my dad and Mr.Muraya my husband @djmokenya woi they have been beside me thru and thru physically and in prayer!!!! God bless them!!!!! Hoping to never take their kindness for granted!!!!! Salute to all the men who stand by their daughters and wives in hard times as these!!!!!!! May favour pour into your lives!!!!!

Size 8 with her dad and hubby in hospital

Like a young daughter to her father, Size 8 emotionally penned to God:

God you have done so much for me I cannot tell it all, I have no reason to complain but to glorify your holy name!!!! All around me I see your grace carrying me like a small baby!!!

Size 8´s mother passed on back in 2015, leaving behind her dad and their six children. Through it all, her dad, has remained strong in nurturing his family of six.


Size 8 and her father, Samuel back in the days

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