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¨Ukishindwa, njo uwalee vile wwe unataka¨ Zari Hassan gives fan a tip of her mind after questioning Nillan´s dressing



Brooklyn City College Founder, Zari Hassan dressed up her 2 young kids, for school but a fan thought they weren´t well dressed before Zari gave her a tip of her mind.

Just yesterday, the Boss Lady shared a snap of Prince Nillan all dressed and ready for school.

A hawk-eyed fan, did not fail to note that Zari dresses up her kids way differently from her own kind of wardrobe and questioned:

Ila zar unawalea watoto vizur sana ila kitu kimoja uwaviki vizur guo wanazo ila havai vizur kama wewe watoto wazur

Mashallah wakivaa vizur kila siku watazidi kua wazur


Zari does keep stuff to herself or just lets it lie low, if not pricked deep but this particular fan must have broken the rules.

The mother of Diamond´s 2 young kids decided to give the lady a piece of her mind:

@fa.tma3527 mtu unaka kwa joto kali Leo unishauri namna yakuvalisha watoto kwa baridi.

Learn to mind your own business sometimes.

Ukishindwa, njo uwalee vile wwe unataka.


My oh My!


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