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¨You are not feminists your misandrists!¨ Akothee trashes toxic women hiding under the tag ´radical feminists´



President of Single Mothers, Akothee cares less especially when you cross her line and this time she loudly slams ´radical feminists´ calling them fake toxic women.

According to her, all these self-proclaimed ´radical feminists´ are just hiding under their bitterness.

Yet have no clue what feminism stands for in the first place.

Madam Boss makes it clear that you can never be a feminist against the people you utterly disrespect.

You are not feminists your misandrists!

For the mother of 5, it makes no sense to advocate for equal rights when you become choosy of who you are fighting for.

Why is your anger not directed to problems facing women from rural areas ?

Why are you selective when it comes to advocating against FGM Early marriages and lack of sanitary care?

You cant even talk about teenage pregnancies yet you have the nerve of tagging yourself as a feminist

Philanthropist Akothee does not believe in feminists who are not brave enough to speak up for the voiceless nor address inequalities head on.

The black beauty detests people who call themselves feminists just because they dislike the opposite gender.

She redefines it all articulating:

Feminism does not involve gender wars toxic statements gender biasedness, it was meant to advocate the plight of women not to undermine the opposite gender.

Conclusively, she articulates that misandrists should just keep off the ´feminist´ tag until they understand it´s meaning and decide with one heart what they stand for.

your free to say your meaningless statements but please don’t drag the movement into your misandry trying to prove a point.

Madam Boss has spoken!

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