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A 2019 Guide To NYC Coworking Spaces



The coworking space is firmly planted in many locations in and around the United States. In locations around the country, businesses are benefitting from an office plan that reduces office costs while making connecting with other professionals feasible and easy. One of the places that has really benefitted from the workspace style is New York City.

NYC has one of the highest office space rental rates around the world, and wherever businesses decide to plant themselves, they are more than likely to find paying excessively is not conducive to their bottom dollars. The coworking space, alternatively, can provide businesses with the opportunity to access some prestigious locations. When it comes to finding NYC coworking Space – Servcorp US, nestled in one of the World Trade Centre offices, is just one example of the many spaces that are possible for a business looking for a premium coworking space.

Let’s take a closer look at all the ins and outs of NYC coworking spaces.

Communities To Watch Out For

While the city might be dense, there are a number of spaces available for any type of coworking professional. It is not a new concept, but the digital nomad is becoming firmly entrenched in the coworking scene. Furthermore, they are not only located in just places that one would expect professionals who jaunt from location to location to work. In fact, digital nomads also make up some of the more prestigious locations around the city.

The professional nomad can make for an interesting addition to an already eclectic group of individuals, but coworking professionals can find just about any industry in the coworking space. In addition to your writers, media professionals, graphic artists, the space can be filled with financiers, techies, and other entrepreneurs. The coworking space is a really diverse place not only professionally but also in terms of nationality, as it is not uncommon to find spaces inhabited by professionals from around the world.

Where To Look

When looking for a coworking space in the city, the sky is the limit. Businesses can find coworking offices in Manhattan, Soho, Queens, Brooklyn, Greenwich, the Bronx, and other notable areas. Many of the spaces run the gamut between the decked out offices that offer a number of amenities and has a great community program to the basic ones that provide businesses with a place to work. Either way, the more amenities that the plan has the more expensive the lease is going to be, so if budget is a factor keep this in mind.

Types of Spaces

While there are all types of spaces, from the very general to the niche, some coworking experts have found free spaces that offer businesses and professionals a place to work in premium locations. These “puffs” are public areas like malls and building lobbies that have been retrofitted to cater to professionals who need space and an internet connection. The advantages of working in these areas are that they are in fact free, which pretty much eliminates the need for budgeting for overhead.

Alternatively, there are a few disadvantages. For one, these spaces are free, and everyone knows what happens when anything is offered for free – everybody wants it. Some of these spaces can be pretty crowded during peak times, which makes the space rife with distractions. Furthermore, the Wi-Fi in a few locations can be slow, but it is free so you cannot really complain. There about a dozen of these spaces, and they are mostly downtown or Midtown East.

Coworking NYC 2019

There is definitely a lot of new things on the horizon for coworking professionals. As coworking continues to evolve, the benefits can only become greater when technology and networking meet to create coworking heaven. This year, though, businesses can plan to intersect with spaces that have variety, economy, industry, and community.


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