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’11 people including my husband died on the day of my ruracio’





Tabitha Karanja

Tabitha Nganga has narrated how she lost her husband and 10 more people on the day of her dowry negotiations, leaving her a widow at only 25.

Speaking about her experience to Massawe Japanni she said

‘ After high school I started working and that is when I met my husband, we got married in 2009 and we were blessed with kids.

We were living well until 2014 when we planned to go home and pay dowry. We went home and found everyone waiting for us.

We did everything but it seems the devil was not happy, that is when my life changed.’

Unknown to her Tabitha did not know her life was about to turn for the worst.

‘On   8/03/2014 we were going home and we were chatting with my husband ‘he was telling me of how I am one in a million.

But when we reached Salgaa I started feeling weird and when I texted him he did not respond nor did he pick my calls.

I told my aunt about it and once we took a corner I saw a crowd of people and there was a lot of jam.

The driver who was driving us suggested we stop given we were travelling in large numbers and anything was bound to happen.’

Upon coming across an accident scene Tabitha and the other passengers alighted only for her to find her husband and fellow passengers dead.

‘He stopped and when he alighted  I also alighted and when i reached that spot I heard him say ‘Ng’ang’a is no more.’


Their car had been crushed and his hands had been completely cut off, his heart was outside, he was badly mutilated.

I also saw the bodies of other people we were with. I felt something I had never felt in my entire life.

I felt like it was a dream, I felt confused and only came to my realization after reaching home, I do not know how i reached home.’

At only 25 Tabitha had become a widow at the blink of an eye

‘I was only 25 years old , my first born was 3 years old and the second was barely two. I was a house wife.

At 25 is when most people are starting families but its when I became a widow.

By then I had just released my first album so people started talking badly suggesting I might have been involved in the deaths.

They said I was a devil worshiper, even in church people started avoiding me.’


‘It would reach a point where I wished I was the one who died instead of my husband, all my friends turned into enemies.

I had lacked value for life, I stopped going to church because the people who were supposed to support you were the ones discussing me than everybody else.’

Tabitha harbored so much bitterness because of how people were treating her.

‘I used to have so much bitterness and that is when I understood why people commit suicide.

People do not commit suicide because of problems but because of how people around them treat them.

One day I asked God if he will not change the situation of our life he can as well kill us.

God heard my cries and healed my wounds. I am where I am because of trusting God.’

Tabitha added

‘Coming form home we were in the same car with my husband, an aunty of mine was to be picked up by the car that caused an accident at Dunduri 

But my husband offered to shift into the car that later caused the accident. My aunt sat in the chair my husband had sat.

When we were coming back to Nairobi , My husbands car was smashed by a trailer. 

If I knew the accident would happen I would not have gone.’

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