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120-Year-Old Kenyan Granny Refuses to Register for Huduma Namba, Accuses Gov’t of Abandoning Her



A 120-year-old Kenyan woman has refused to register for Huduma Namba, saying it is of no help to her.

Sarah Maina from Motobo village, Kericho County turned away clerks who had gone to her house to register her in the National Integrated Identity Management System (NIIMS) on Friday.

The centenarian asked the clerks to leave her homestead, accusing the government of abandoning her when she required its assistance.

Mrs. Maina says the government failed to help her regain her eyesight and limping legs and wondered why they were now forcing her to register for the number.

She further accuses the government of failing to enroll her in the elderly citizens’ cash transfer program despite making several pleas.

When the registration clerks attempted to convince her to be registered, the centenarian asked her grandchildren to take her back inside her hut.

Motobo sub-location assistant chief Scandy Korir says she would later try to convince the woman to register.

Earlier in the day, retired President Daniel Arap Moi registered for Huduma Namba at his Nairobi’s Kabarnet Gardens residence.

The listing of the 94-year-old former President was witnessed by ICT Cabinet Secretary Joe Mucheru.

The registration deadline has been extended by one more week after an order by President Kenyatta.


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